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Supercharge your meetings with Pipedrive’s video calling apps

Easily connect your Pipedrive account with Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Meet

Remote work is here to stay. In North America, for example, 25% of all professional jobs are expected to become remote by the end of 2022 and remote opportunities will increase through 2023. Businesses need suitable solutions to accommodate this transition, and one of the more common ones is the adoption of video sales calling tools.

Join 34,000+ users of video calling apps

Video conferencing is more than just a fad. It’s here to stay, and so, whether you and your team use Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Meet, we’ve got you covered. More than 34,000 Pipedrive users have already installed one of our video sales calling apps. What are you waiting for?

Why integrate Pipedrive with video calling apps?

  • By integrating video capabilities into your CRM, you can supercharge your communication with prospects, leads and customers
  • Video calling apps help you become more productive by allowing you to schedule, join and manage meetings directly from Pipedrive
  • Installation is fast and easy, requiring only a few clicks
  • Pro tip: You can use video calling apps with Pipedrive’s meeting scheduler to easily coordinate calls and spare back-and-forth emails
Microsoft Teams app

Schedule, manage and join Microsoft Teams meetings directly from your CRM. Send automatic, real-time updates from Pipedrive to Teams, so your entire team can stay informed, even if they’re not Pipedrive users.

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Zoom app

Simplify scheduling Zoom calls, sending invite links, joining meetings and logging activities after.

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Google Meet app

Add Google Meet video calls to any activity in Pipedrive and create unique Meet links that will automatically go out to invitees.

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Once you’ve connected your video calling tools, explore the rest of Pipedrive’s Marketplace. We offer 400+ apps to support you throughout your whole revenue cycle!

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