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Best CRM for media publishers

Drive subscriptions, engage your target audience and supercharge business growth. Pipedrive’s media CRM empowers you to plan and manage media events, optimize ad revenue and streamline your internal operations.

What is a media CRM?

Media CRM (customer relationship management) software allows you to enhance and streamline your advertising efforts. Visualize available inventory, manage subscriptions, track payments and minimize human error with custom workflows and automation.

Support your renewal team

Reengage lapsed subscribers with renewal-focused automation. Prioritize your efforts and retain valuable customers with real-time membership status analysis.

Nurture subscribers

Follow up with subscribers and send personalized emails based on past communications. Target the right members with the right message at the right time.

Make data-backed decisions

Segment your subscribers into custom dashboards. Learn who your target audience is, how to engage them and what they want from your publication.

Streamline your workflows and operations

Build a seamless internal operation with automation. Create, assign and track tasks across your organization with custom workflows.

Make event management a breeze

Sell tickets, attract potential sponsors and take payments. Run your events with ease and ensure seamless communication with attendees.

Invaluable customer communications

Engage with subscribers by email, phone, live chat and social media from a single platform. Give your customers every opportunity to reach out.

How to close ad deals and convert more readers into subscribers with a media CRM

You could miss deadlines and lose sponsors if your internal operations are unorganized. Without a centralized subscriber and sponsor management system, it’s difficult to nurture and maintain long-term, profitable relationships.

A media publishing CRM will help you expand your lines of communication and keep your stakeholders in the loop.

Track reader touchpoints and communication

Even with a large audience, you may struggle to convert readers into paying subscribers.

Pipedrive tracks communication history and contact information so you can target non-paying supporters with personalized content designed to convert.

Track communications with Pipedrive

Manage your external stakeholders with ease

Managing contacts across several systems can be overwhelming.

CRM media publishing software makes it easy to track subscriber and sponsor information. Pipedrive stores an intricate record of payments and communications so you can keep tabs on your supporters.

Find out how you can manage subscribers and sponsors with Pipedrive

Connect your teams and never miss a beat

Employee alignment and shared goals are key to your publication’s success.

Implementing a CRM allows you to connect all of your departments using apps like Slack and Gmail. Now, every team member can access critical information to win a sponsor over and share important updates in an instant.

Discover how you can align your teams with Pipedrive

What to look for in a media and publishing CRM

Media outlets have specific requirements when catering to external stakeholders, so make sure you install a CRM capable of meeting those needs.

Here’s what to look for when identifying a CRM for your publication:

Finance reporting

What are your subscriber retention rates and how many sponsors have you onboarded this year? A CRM will store and display key information so you can make informed decisions.

Event management functionality

Events can be chaotic. Choose a CRM that helps you keep track of your events and their success in one place to relieve the pressure.


Finding an adaptable CRM is critical for your growth. A good media CRM will support your operations in the early days and grow with you as you scale.

How does a CRM for media companies work?

With the right CRM for media companies, you can manage sponsor relationships and record touchpoints across all of your online channels (and events). Track subscriptions, member communications and event attendees with ease.

  • Attract new supporters and turn them into loyal subscribers (or even sponsors)
  • Segment new advocates, create customer profiles and delight members with targeted messaging
  • Design high ROI ad campaigns based on customer engagement
  • Track the potency of your marketing and media efforts
  • Follow up with leads using documented touchpoints from your social media, website and events
  • Register orders, process invoices and take payments with accounting and finance integrations
  • Stimulate sponsors with personalized and targeted messaging right from your CRM
  • Create custom pipelines to supercharge your internal communications and task assignment
  • Manage media buyers and secure advertising revenue

How to get started with your media and publishing CRM software

Streamline your media workflows with integrations and automation

Automate your workflows with our powerful media CRM solutions. Optimize your publishing operations by integrating Pipedrive with your communication and contact management tools in real-time.

Here are some essential integrations for media teams:


Converting website visitors to promising leads is a sure-fire way to gain new subscribers. Create beautiful pop-up forms to drive conversions on your online publication or programming.

Explore Pipedrive’s Poptin integration.

Microsoft Teams

Events are as exciting as they are dynamic. Make sure your teams are aligned and prepared before you address your supporters.

Keep your teams updated with Pipedrive’s Microsoft Teams integration.


Managing multiple communication platforms for your publication can be exhausting. Centralize your social media, email and messaging apps in one inbox.

Create the ultimate customer support experience with Pipedrive and Quickdialog.


Tracking multi-channel ads takes up valuable time and resources. Monitor your Facebook, Google and LinkedIn ads as well as Eventbrite contacts in real-time and fill your social CRM software with leads.

Track your return on ad-spend with Pipedrive’s LeadsBridge integration.


Find a CRM that integrates with your tools to save valuable time. Pipedrive’s media CRM integrates with Zapier, connecting your teams with more than 3,000 other apps and platforms.

Automate your tasks with Zapier and Pipedrive.

Spend less time on busy work and more time generating ad revenue!