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Speed up your sales with Pipedrive and 30MPC's winning techniques

Embark on a journey to sales excellence with our expertly designed toolkit, designed in collaboration with the 30MPC (30 Minutes to President’s Club) podcast. This podcast provides actionable tactics for sales professionals to reach their goals, offering strategies to streamline processes and enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

The toolkit features five deal cheat codes to cut your sales cycle in half.

What’s inside

  • The Demo Skip Cheat Code: Jump right to the executive demo after your discovery call by uncovering business-level pain.
  • The Great Divide Demo: Combine technical validation and the exec demo into one parallel step.
  • The Slingshot Domino Effect: Leverage your momentum with the economic buyer to drive urgency with department leads.
  • The Full (And Final Ask): Simultaneously cut the back-and-forth of negotiations and procurement.
  • The Redline Deadline: Navigate efficiently through legal reviews with clear dates and levers.

Discover the 5 deal cheat codes that’ll change the way you approach sales

As Armand from 30 Minutes to President’s Club says: “Time kills all deals.”

In this market, every single missed next step, pushed meeting, delayed redline – or even prospect vacation – can cause a deal to implode. Firms are slashing budgets, champions are leaving companies, and new executives are being brought in. Deals are slippery.

If you had to close a deal in half the time, how would you do it? Can you combine two stages into one? Can you get to the budget holder faster? Can you meet tomorrow instead of next week?