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Business, sales and marketing ebooks

Download one of our free ebooks for quick guides on management, running startups and entrepreneurship. We’ve got ebooks for complete beginners and practical guides for professionals looking to take the next step.

Sales ebooks

The cold calling guide

Free cold calling scripts and how to use them

The consulting sales handbook

Build a consulting sales process that wins you business

The financial services sales guide

The ultimate financial services sales process

How to automate lead generation

Your guide to building a high-performing lead-generation process

The lead qualification guide

4 steps to improve your lead qualification machine

How to find and focus on the right leads

How to build a scalable lead qualification process

How to manage dismissals

The 5-step checklist for letting a person go

Managing teams and scaling sales

How to build your team on a solid foundation

How to manage tricky sales situations

A sales manager’s guide to handling tricky situations

The sales conversations guide

How to avoid 5 common sales conversation mistakes

Cognitive biases and sales

How to make people want what you’re selling

The real estate sales ebook

The complete guide to real estate sales

The sales automation guide

How to use automation to streamline your sales

The call center management guide

The ultimate guide to setting up a call center

The sales communication handbook

How to level up your sales communication to seal deals

The time-saving sales bootcamp

The 25-day program to create an effective sales routine

How to create a winning sales gameplan

Your guide to measuring and managing team performance

The sales pipeline course

A course created by Pipedrive founder Timo Rein

The sales strategy guide

How to create the perfect sales strategy

The sales proposal ebook

Everything you need in your sales proposals to succeed

The ultimate sales process guide

How to perfect your sales process and win more deals

The state of sales and marketing 2023

The economy review: an in-depth report for 2023

The state of sales and marketing 2022

Our detailed 2022 report on sales and marketing

Timesaving sales tactics

Timesaving sales hacks to make you more productive

The Pipedrive and Zapier ebook

The complete guide to supercharge your sales powers

Marketing ebooks

The guide to B2B prospecting

How to find quality leads while staying compliant

How to tell your brand story

Create a compelling story that people can connect with

The B2B outbound marketing guide

Pipedrive and Cognism’s guide for European markets

The email list building guide

18 tips to ramp up your email list building

Email marketing campaign planner

Start planning powerful email marketing campaigns

Sales and marketing alignment ebook

How to create a sales and marketing strategy

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Read the latest sales and marketing report

Download The state of sales and marketing 2022/23: The economy review for free.

One of our most exciting new releases, this in-depth report is based on a survey we ran where we asked business owners and sales and marketing professionals about their year.

The report covers topics as diverse as the importance of leadership, human resources and top business tips.

Get the report here

Start Pipedrive’s Sales Pipeline Course

Read our step-by-step guide to creating and perfecting your sales pipeline.

Written by Pipedrive’s co-founders, this ebook is accompanied by a free video course, available on the Pipedrive Academy. It outlines the proven system our founders based Pipedrive on: Activity selling.

Visit the page by clicking the link below and download the Sales Pipeline Course ebook. You could even print off this ultimate guide to take your learning offline.

Get the course ebook here

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