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SaaS awards and CRM reviews

At Pipedrive, we’re proud to be recognized as an intuitive CRM (customer relationship management) cloud solution for salespeople, marketing teams, business owners and everyone in between. Although awards aren’t our end goal, the valuable insights we gain from CRM review platforms help us drive software innovation.

Our impressive user reviews showcase how our drag-and-drop sales pipeline helps teams get real results. We’re constantly optimizing our product to be the best CRM tool for small and medium businesses, and we’re thankful for feedback that helps us achieve our goal.

Our lead management software is #1

Pipedrive is consistently rated as a top lead management tool. In 2023, SoftwareReviews, an in-depth source of buyer data and insights for the enterprise software market, awarded Pipedrive a gold medal in the Lead Management Data Quadrant.

Based on user satisfaction scores, SoftwareReviews ranked lead management SaaS solutions and programs by software capabilities, key features, customer satisfaction and users’ likeliness to recommend.

Pipedrive’s range of customizable lead-routing features, including LeadBooster functionalities like Chatbot, help sales reps store high-quality customer information. Our email marketing tools empower sales teams to send standout marketing campaigns, and with Pipedrive’s automation features, you can ensure you never miss a follow-up.

Pipedrive’s ratings and reviews

Pipedrive’s recognition by established platforms highlights us as a leading, reliable SaaS solution for salespeople.

We strongly value our users and strive to give the best customer experience, using social media reviews and support team feedback to guide our product development.

By combining professional insights and user feedback submissions, we can deliver a CRM platform that empowers startups, SMBs and corporations worldwide to succeed.







WFWes F.
Overall, I am a forever-user of Pipedrive. The value of the product supremely outweighs the amount required to pay monthly. And with such an active development team, it is always exciting to see what is rolling out each couple of weeks! Pipedrive has evolved from a "light" CRM to a full-features CRM with a light feel. It is an excellent CRM tool.
5 of 5
PLPeter L.
Very happy so far with Pipedrive - agonised initially about using it because of weaker marketing automation features and 1000 email limit on emails, but still its quick and easy to use and less 'how do you do that' than any of the other five or so CRM's we experimented with.
5 of 5
JMJustin M.
Pipedrive is a super easy-to-use, customizable CRM alternative for those of us in tech, creative industries, or just anyone that hates clunky, ugly, overly complex platforms like Salesforce. Sets up in seconds, there's a great iOS app, and it's actually a pleasure to use. Quick and easy.
5 of 5
KLKrishna L.
Pipedrive has been an overall success for our small team's use case, however we have other CRM installations that require a lot more personnel to administer. As a result of Pipedrive's enhanced exposure in our transactions, we saw an increase in sales.
4 of 5
SBSara B.
There are a ton of highlights that are accessible. The combination of Pipedrive and other applications makes it an extraordinary CRM and monitors correspondence.
5 of 5
CJChristopher J.
Pipedrive is by far my favorite CRM after extensively reviewing over a dozen of them. I recommend it to all of my clients because of how versatile it is with third party integrations.
5 of 5
FSFoster S.
It helps me keep track of ongoing interaction with my prospect and allows me to create personalized message through email for my prospects.
5 of 5
This is by far one of the best CRM’s I’ve ever used. Have used HubSpot and many others, which were a lot less user-friendly and way more expensive.
5 of 5

Our awards as an employer

We pride ourselves on our award-winning company culture. It takes great people to make a great product, and we’re committed to building diverse teams that embody Pipedrive’s values. Interested in shaping our future? See our open positions.

#3 Attractive employer among people with work experience 2022



#2 Attractive employer among economics students 2022



#1 Attractive employer among IT students 2022



How Kovai.co’s Document360 sales team found 10x more leads with Pipedrive

Document360, part of the multi-product SaaS company Kovai.co, provides a self-service knowledge base for employees and customers.

When Document360 launched, the team used spreadsheets to track prospects and deals. However, as customer data flooded in, the team realized they needed a simple, customizable CRM solution with third-party integrations and in-depth reporting features.

Switching to Pipedrive helped Document360 optimize its workflow to suit business needs. The team used Pipedrive’s email templates and marketing automation features to streamline its lead-generation process, achieving a 10x lead increase. Pipedrive’s intuitive interface has helped Document360 refine its business processes, saving reps four to six hours weekly.

“Pipedrive has helped us to streamline and automate our sales process to serve a huge volume of prospects and respond to customers’ queries for better customer service.”

Pipedrive Partner Awards 2022

We’re grateful to all our partners for choosing to grow with us. Our annual Pipedrive Partner Awards honor the top-performing solution partners across our ecosystem.

See 2022 winners
Global Partner of the Year

Zimple Ltd

Regional Partner of the Year
Europe and Middle East

Zimple Ltd

Regional Partner of the Year
Latin America


Regional Partner of the Year
Asia Pacific


Regional Partner of the Year
Australia and New Zealand

Minor Workshop Ltd

Regional Partner of the Year

PD Experts

Regional Partner of the Year
North America


Global Rookie of the Year


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