Sales Assistant

Get bite-sized tips from your personal AI sales assistant

Always know what to focus on next with the help of your AI-powered sales assistant bot. Sales Assistant uses real AI and preprogrammed rules to comb through your sales data and suggest the perfect next steps for your salespeople to take.

Improve your productivity and get notifications about the key metrics you should track and which activities your sales reps should tackle next.

Free, easy to set up, no credit card required

See performance-based tips

View notifications in one place

Get instant insights

See performance-based tips

Performing repetitive tasks manually when there’s a handy feature or app available? Working on low-value deals while more valuable ones go untouched? Pipedrive’s Sales Assistant uses algorithms created by sales pros to analyze your actions and find the most effective ways to improve your workflow.

View notifications in one place

Stay on top of any changes to your account settings thanks to notifications in your virtual Sales Assistant feed. Improve transparency when collaborating with your team in Pipedrive and keep everyone on the same page with the sales AI features.

Get progress updates

Use your AI-powered administrative assistant to review changes in your results and stay on track toward goals. Convenient graphs show if your performance is soaring compared to last week or if you’re falling behind and need to review the reasons you’re losing deals.

Sales Assistant: Your automated sales expert

Pipedrive’s Sales Assistant bot is an intelligent system that sends you notifications, insights and advice to help streamline your sales process and win more deals.

Sales departments and sales managers can use our automated executive assistant to track email opens, keep tabs on discussions, receive activity reminders and even scope personalized productivity tips.

Why Pipedrive’s Sales Assistant acts like a sales AI

Like a sales AI, Pipedrive’s Sales Assistant reacts to your activity in Pipedrive with quick tips and useful data that promote workflow optimization. Unlike sales AI, all suggestions are based on triggers built by Pipedrive’s sales experts. Our virtual Sales Assistant helps companies stay on track with timely notifications and analysis reports, reduce human error and free up salespeople to focus on closing deals.

Pipedrive’s algorithms import and analyze large volumes of your sales data, acting like machine learning applications. Using these insights, Pipedrive’s Sales Assistant helps you at every step of the sales cycle, from prioritizing leads more effectively to sending out contracts.

3 things Sales AI and Pipedrive’s Sales Assistant can do

Help you calculate revenue

If a few deals are added without a value, Pipedrive’s virtual Sales Assistant will remind you to add one to them so you can accurately forecast revenue

Remind you of opportunities

Your AI sales assistant will notify you if any deals don’t have an activity scheduled sometime soon, or focus you on deals that are in the final stages

Suggest useful features

Pipedrive’s virtual assistant service will suggest Smart Contact Data so you can qualify prospects, or the deal rotting feature to help you get rid of deals that have gone cold

How sales intelligence tools can help you close more deals

Sales AI tools and other intelligent sales tools like Pipedrive’s Sales Assistant can streamline sales professionals’ activities. Pipedrive’s intelligent sales tools enable you to quickly find and engage new leads, add them to automated pipeline workflows and automatically fill their data.

  • 1. Spend more time creating powerful lead generation strategies
  • 2. Cut your cost of operations
  • 3. Focus on your most engaged leads
  • 4. Automatically update contact and lead information
  • 5. Power up retention

Level up your sales activity with automation

Pipedrive’s technology makes sales teams even more efficient with automated workflows.

Set up relationship-building automations for your salespeople to follow and let Pipedrive handle the rest. Much like sales AI tools, Pipedrive’s features can pinpoint hot leads, create new deals, pass actionable data along to your reps and more.

Optimize workflows with our sales dashboards

Pipedrive’s sales dashboard is the ultimate tool for sales leaders. Keep tabs on your sales cycle from a high level or deep dive into rep performance with the help of in-depth sales intelligence.

Create tailored coaching

Your sales team is only as strong as its weakest link. Pipedrive helps you generate performance reports to help you spot reps who are falling behind and design custom training.

Improve sales forecasting

Boardroom buy-in is important if you want to grow. Collect the number of deals won, conversion rates and real-time pipeline activity and impress key decision-makers.

Customize to your liking

Pull the data you need and create reports with ease. Pipedrive gathers and displays key information you can easily share with stakeholders.

Use LeadBooster to capture more sales opportunities

One example of Pipedrive’s intelligent sales tools is the LeadBooster: Pipedrive’s powerful and easy-to-use lead generation toolset.

When it identifies a potential lead, LeadBooster’s Scheduler can send meeting invites via Chatbot, sync bookings with reps’ calendars and import the prospect into your Leads Inbox.

Powerful integrations to take your sales stack to the next level

Automate your in-house or remote sales process and free your sales team to focus on revenue. Pipedrive’s sales AI integrations help you automate manual administrative tasks, optimize lead generation and increase sales.


Keep the sales cadence moving seamlessly with automatic notifications when deals update. Tag in team members and follow up on important tasks with Pipedrive’s Dealbot for Slack.


Boost lead generation with interactive tools like polls, contests and quizzes. Fuel engagement and send lead qualification data straight to your CRM with the Pipedrive and Outgrow integration.


Amplify sales and marketing team efforts with video communications. Host webinars with poll and chat functionality, then send qualified lead data back to your CRM with Pipedrive’s Livestorm integration.


Increase click-through rates, page views, time on site and conversions. Export your Pipedrive contacts and make email marketing profitable with Pipedrive’s SendPulse integration.


Transform feedback into actionable insights with this sales AI app. See automatically generated call overviews, single out the questions asked and pinpoint follow-up actions with Pipedrive and Wingman integration.


Manage email campaigns without ever leaving Pipedrive. Add prospects to email sequences and update deal stages with two-way sync using the Pipedrive and Klenty integration.

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