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Why use Pipedrive ecosystem?

At Pipedrive, we aim to empower our customers to be successful at sales by providing them with an ever-increasing number of cutting-edge features.

However, there are times when you may need to get that little bit extra out of Pipedrive. Whether it’s because you have a specific use case or because you work with teams that don't use Pipedrive, yet need to share data between different services.

This is where Pipedrive’s ecosystem comes in. Pipedrive, along with a number of third-party vendors, has built apps to boost the productivity of your team and the other teams around you, integrating with the tools that other people in your team are using.

Explore our ecosystem

Bolster your lead generation strategy with Livestorm

Online events like webinars have become one of the more popular ways to connect with your audience, qualify leads and build brand awareness.

Livestorm is a browser-based platform that lets teams organize their online events in one place, from any device they want, allowing you to:

  • Create custom landing pages

  • Send promotional emails and reminders

  • Host engaging online events with integrated chat, polls and Q&A functionalities

  • Analyze event performance through an advanced analytics dashboard

The Pipedrive-Livestorm integration allows you to send data from Livestorm webinars to Pipedrive to better qualify your leads.

Learn how MediaVision used it to build the brand’s content base and promote its lead generation strategy:

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Stay up to date with Trello

Trello gives you an overview of where projects stand, what tasks are in the works and who's responsible for what. Once you see what Trello looks like, you'll realize why it works well with Pipedrive: Both systems are designed around visibility into what's happening at any given time and how to push things forward.

If you need to manage projects after a deal has been won or during a specific stage in your pipeline, our integration makes the data exchange between Pipedrive and Trello magically effortless.

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Schedule sales meetings with Calendly via Zapier

Scheduling meetings with prospects can be a drag. Every salesperson knows how time-consuming and exhausting is the back and forth process, not to mention the risk of double booking.

With Calendly, you can sell more by making scheduling calls with your prospects a breeze. Simply send them your availability with a Calendly link and eliminate email chains and phone tag.

Calendly allows you to

  • Select and share your available times to meet with just a few clicks

  • Mark and save event types as your favorites

  • Choose specific time slots to display in emails to quickly set up ad hoc meetings

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Send your proposals and negotiate with PandaDoc

Closing deals can be a cumbersome and paper-heavy process. PandaDoc makes it easier and paper-free by turning your business documents into digital and interactive docs.

  • Add CRM details to documents on the fly, including contact, opportunity, pricing and product data to your docs automatically

  • Create new proposals and quotes in one click from any Deal

  • Power up Pipedrive with a document generation and eSigning functionality that can manage the entire sales cycle in a single tool

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