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Nimble CRM alternative

Get a CRM that offers critical sales features like customizable reports and product inventories


Pipedrive is an intuitive, simple-to-use CRM created by salespeople, for salespeople. Pipedrive offers custom fields, activities, visual pipelines and unlimited contacts on all plans.

Nimble CRM

Nimble is a social sales and marketing CRM geared towards small and mid-sized businesses. Nimble CRM offers smart contact data but comes with hidden costs and limits.

Why is Pipedrive the best Nimble CRM alternative?

Ease of use
Data storage

Pipedrive vs. Nimble CRM - a snapshot

Having a CRM that is scalable without unexpected restrictions is crucial to sales momentum. Pipedrive is a Nimble CRM alternative that removes limitations to selling.

Nimble CRM

Free trial



Price per user

$14.90 – $99


Billing currency



Custom fields

Unlimited, all plans

Limited, all plans


Unlimited, all plans

Limited, all plans

Data storage

Unlimited, all plans

Limited, all plans

Product inventory

Unlimited from Advanced plan (2nd plan)

Recurring revenue reports

Unlimited from Advanced plan (2nd plan)

Customizable reports

All plans

Data Center in Europe


24/7, all plans

Not 24/7

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Be in good company

More than 100,000 brands all around the world rely on Pipedrive to grow smarter

3 reasons why Pipedrive is the best Nimble CRM alternative

Data, contacts and custom field features

Pipedrive offers no hidden costs or nasty surprises that kill your sales momentum. When it comes to data, contacts and custom fields, you’ll have access to these deluxe features on all plans. Nimble CRM, however, has a limited amount of data storage, contacts and custom fields across all plans. There is no unlimited option, which means you’ll be constantly tied into additional costs as your business grows.

24/7 support

All good salespeople know that time is money. When a deal hangs in the balance, there’s nothing worse than being left stranded by your CRM support team. Nimble CRM does not offer 24-hour support, whereas Pipedrive offers 24-hour support on all plans, at no extra cost.

Customizable reports

Analysing your sales performance and tracking progress is critical to success. Like Pipedrive, Nimble CRM allows you to report on deal history and performance across pipelines, but it lacks the customization needed for in-depth analysis. With Pipedrive, you’ll be able to build bespoke reports using custom fields unique to your business, providing you with a true understanding of bottlenecks and winning patterns. Unlike Nimble CRM, Pipedrive also offers recurring revenue reports, so if your industry is focused on recurring billing or subscriptions, Pipedrive can produce reports to help track and project your earnings over time.

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Pipedrive looking like a better Nimble CRM alternative?

Pipedrive rated best CRM for product innovation and user satisfaction

Pipedrive comes top in leading industry comparisons.

SoftwareReviews, a division of Info-Tech Research Group, named Pipedrive as an industry leader in its 2021 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Data Quadrant and Emotional Footprint Awards.

The highly detailed report uses review benchmark data from CRM software users.

Download the report

Customize and integrate

Pipedrive is completely customizable and has 400+ app integrations, oh, and an open API

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How our customers grow their business with Pipedrive

Founder of fintech sales company ‘360 Payments’, Lisa Coyle, identifies Pipedrive’s activity customization and bespoke reporting as key areas efficiency for her business. With features that are geared towards sales performance, it’s no wonder their net income has increased by 298%.

Pipedrive has been invaluable in helping us keep our clients happy. It's a really intuitive tool that's easy to use and quick to master. Perhaps the most useful feature for us is the flexibility and level of integrations it has. It's not just our CRM, it's part of our whole sales and account management process, so the ability to talk with the other tools we use is critical.
GTGuy ThorntonManaging Director, Picked Group Ltd
As a long time user of SFDC and other CRMs, I love the simplicity and intuitive nature of Pipedrive. My favorite feature is the automated pop-up forcing the next step.
RRRyan RobertsFounder & CEO, Bustld, LLC
The workflow is perfect for our event management business, recording all booking information and giving reminder alerts. Being able to email clients via the app is great too.
GSGraeme SmithArea Manager, Wedding Jam

Pipedrive vs. Nimble CRM FAQs

  • What is Nimble CRM? Does Nimble CRM have limited plans?

    Nimble CRM is a social sales and marketing CRM that focuses on small and medium-sized businesses.

    Nimble CRM only offers one plan, which has feature limits on important features like custom fields, contact records and storage. This means users need to purchase upgrades as they grow beyond the plan’s limits.

  • Why is Pipedrive a better alternative to Nimble CRM?

    Unlike Nimble CRM, Pipedrive has no feature limits on any of its plans, making it the perfect sales tool for a growing business.

    With a simple, intuitive interface, unlimited data storage, customizable reports, European data centers and 24/7 support for all plans, Pipedrive helps salespeople overcome the barriers that interrupt their sales.

  • Does Nimble CRM have 24x7 customer support?

    Unlike Pipedrive, which offers 24/7 live chat support for all users, Nimble CRM doesn’t currently provide customers with support around the clock. Instead, Nimble CRM users have to book a consultation slot or join Nimble’s weekly Onboarding and Best Practices sessions for help.

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