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Subscription Pausing Terms and Conditions

Client’s on a monthly Plan may request to pause their subscription to their current Pipedrive Plan for a set period of time (“Subscription Pause”).

The Subscription Pause will commence from Client’s next billing cycle date for a duration of three consecutive months (“Pause Period”).

Subscription Pause may only be exercised once in any rolling twelve month period.

This Pause Period is available to monthly plan Clients only.

In order to avail of a Subscription Pause, Clients must have a fully paid up and up-to-date monthly Subscription.

Subscription Pausing cannot be applied mid-month and can only take effect from the Client’s next scheduled billing date.

Clients will not have access to their account during the Pause Period. They cannot use the Services, access, or manage their account throughout the Pause Period.

No other changes can occur during the Pause Period, including; upgrades, downgrades, or discounting.

For any data related questions, Client can reach out to customer support.

Client can resume their subscription to the Pipedrive Services anytime during Pause Period.

Client’s who resume Pipedrive subscription before the end of a Pause Period will be charged on the day their subscription to the Services resumed.

Any existing discounts, unfinished promotions and unused add-on credits (except Caller credits) will be terminated and will not be reapplied when a Client’s subscription is restarted.

When a Client’s subscription is restarted, their subscription Fee will be determined by current list prices located at;

Once the Pause Period elapses, the Client’s subscription, billing and access to the Pipedrive Services will automatically restart unless the Client has canceled their subscription, which can be done at any time during the Pause Period.

Once the Pause Period has expired and the Client’s Subscription resumes, the Client’s continued use of the Pipedrive Services will be subject to the Pipedrive Terms of Service located at