Carefully Managed Sales Workflow Generates Maximum Profit

A sales workflow is the series of actions needed for selling a product or service. Sales workflows vary between different industries, products and organizations, and no one sale is exactly the same.

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Whether you’re a sales associate or sales manager, you know how critical your sales workflow is to your personal as well as company income. A tightly controlled and easily measured sales cycle doesn’t just make closing deals easier – it means you can truly rely on the revenue you generate for current stability and future growth.

No matter how large or small your business or what industry you represent, a proper sales workflow to guarantee a tight and efficient sales cycle is vital to your success. Although your individual sales cycle may vary in its turnaround time, all effective sales workflow systems should encapsulate and easily manage:

Common sales cycle stages include:

  • Prospect for new hot leads
  • Initiate contact
  • Identify a prospect’s needs and matching the right product or service to meet them
  • Present the offer at the right time and in the form of an irresistible solution
  • Manage objections
  • Close the sale
  • Get repeat sales and collect referrals

Think of your sales cycle as a pipeline. At one end of the pipeline, you drop in new leads and out of the far end comes a stream of income in the form of closed deals.

The pipeline itself is composed of the individual parts of your sales cycle above.

Through this simple but effective visualization, you can accurately measure and track four critical metrics:

  • The number of deals in your pipeline
  • The size of each deal
  • Your average closing ratio – critical for financial development
  • Your sales velocity – the time it takes to close a deal

What you can accurately measure, you can invariably improve. Managing sales workflow is a lot of work for a single sales associate, and a huge burden for a sales manager. With proper metrics and easy analysis, your job becomes easier and you gain an important competitive edge.

Power your sales cycle with unmatched ease and effectiveness

The reason we developed our Pipedrive is because we’re salespeople just like you. Although there are many good sales workflow software systems out there, we could never find one that gave us everything we needed.

Pipedrive is flexible, powerful and very easy to learn.

  • Get an accurate and up to the minute bird’s eye view of your entire company’s sales health
  • Use our visual sales pipeline to track how each lead is progressing through your sales cycle
  • Learn the entire system in about 3 minutes.
  • Create custom fields and turn Pipedrive’s features on and off as you see fit
  • Easily integrate Pipedrive with other productivity tools

Pipedrive’s powerful, simple and flexible sales workflow system accelerates your sales process and lets you and your team focus more on what really matters – keeping your sales pipeline full of happy customers and clients.

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Carefully Managed Sales Workflow Generates Maximum Profit | Pipedrive
Carefully Managed Sales Workflow Generates Maximum Profit