Sales workflow for maximum profit

Selling more in less time is the goal of any sales team, and defining a sales workflow is a foolproof way to do just that.

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Sales workflows boost income

Whether you’re a sales associate or sales manager, you know how critical your sales workflow is to your personal as well as company income. A tightly controlled and easily measured sales workflow doesn’t just make closing deals easier – it means you can truly rely on the revenue you generate for current stability and future growth. 

A sales workflow typically involves identifying prospects, qualifying them, identifying their needs, making an offer they can’t refuse, and following up with their response. These are the stages you need to push your deal through to get a sale, and the best way to pass them is to define them.

Defining sales stages

When defining your sales workflow and stages, start by listing the steps you need to complete before a sale is made. Describe the most common way of getting customers, often referred to as sales pipeline or funnel.

Across most industries and markets, there’s a pretty standard series of sales stages. Pipedrive has adopted and simplified this lengthy standard into a flexible, and customizable, template that you can adjust and rename anytime.

The best way to manage your sales workflow

Smaller teams with few prospects can easily manage sales with a text document or spreadsheet. Larger teams, however, should definitely invest in flexible sales pipeline management software that helps them spend less time on admin and more time selling.

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Four key metrics to success

Through this simple but effective visualization, you can accurately measure and track four critical metrics:

What you can accurately measure, you can invariably improve. Managing sales workflow is a lot of work for a single sales associate, and a huge burden for a sales manager. With proper metrics and easy analysis, your job becomes easier and you gain an important competitive edge.

Power your sales cycle with Pipedrive

The reason we developed our Pipedrive is because we’re salespeople just like you. Although there are many good sales workflow software systems out there, we could never find one that gave us everything we needed.

Reduces admin work
Easy to use and set-up
Unifies all tools
Fully customizable
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Designed for salespeople

The tool of choice for scaling teams

We’ve built a CRM-replacing sales management tool that’s not just great for salespeople, but for anyone wanting to get organized and close deals in less time.

Nearly half of our customers liked our simple yet powerful approach so much, they switched from an existing CRM tool. The other half? Well they didn’t even know they needed Pipedrive until they tried it.