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Pipedrive Partner Awards 2022

Pipedrive, the first CRM designed by salespeople for salespeople, has announced the winners of its second annual Pipedrive Partner Awards. These awards honor top revenue performance across Pipedrive’s solution provider ecosystem.

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Global Partner of the Year; Regional Partner of the Year - EMEA

Zimple Ltd

The Global Partner of the Year award recognizes our top-performing partner who has demonstrated outstanding business performance in 2022.

Zimple was established in 2020 to serve mid- and large-sized Pipedrive clients.

"From the start, we have partnered exclusively with Pipedrive. This enables us to focus our technical know-how and sales expertise on one ecosystem only. Our development team has created several high-quality Pipedrive add-ons and applications to enhance the CRM experience."

“Pipedrive is a great partner, and we really have been pleased with the cooperation and support that we have received from Pipedrive. All the plans we hear Pipedrive has for the future have confirmed that we made the right decision when we chose it to be in the core of our business.”

Regional Partner of the Year - Latin America


SalesLatam is a consulting agency specializing in helping SMBs to improve their sales results through digital transformation.

“We help SMBs implement Pipedrive and use this CRM as a catalyst for growth.

We focus on accelerating sales cycles, automating sales processes, centralizing customer bases and creating real-time dashboards to track results and giving our customers visibility into their customer base through the best CRM for SMBs in the world.

Pipedrive is our only CRM partner. Month after month, we help hundreds of micro and small sales teams improve through the use of technology in an easy, dynamic and results-driven way."

Regional Partner of the Year - Asia Pacific

Mer, Inc.

Mer, a Pipedrive Elite Solution Provider in Japan, supports the "creation of a foundation for corporate sales activities" by combining various SaaS solutions centered on Pipedrive.

Regional Partner of the Year - Australia and New Zealand

Minor Workshop Ltd

Minor Workshop has specialized in offering Pipedrive support from day 1.

“As our daily CRM of choice, our goal is to offer the highest quality support to clients on the world’s best CRM! We love working with Pipedrive users as it brings us into contact with a wide variety of exciting businesses from all over the world.”

Regional Partner of the Year - DACH

PD Experts

When the company was founded in 2019 as Amazing Tools GmbH, the goal was to distribute and implement sales-enhancing software solutions for B2B companies in the DACH region. Soon, it became obvious that the demand for Pipedrive is strong enough to establish PD Experts as its own brand. As of today, ten people are working to implement Pipedrive and integrated software or to improve the work of their protégés with their favorite CRM.

Regional Partner of the Year - North America


"Since 2017, we have had the privilege of helping thousands of users get the most out of Pipedrive. Pipedrive's robust API enables Kihbba to take other siloed and clunky software tools and processes, connect them, and transform them into a well-tuned orchestra where all of your software tools are playing together in harmony."

Global Rookie of the Year


SolarZ is a Brazilian startup recently born to build solutions and create experiences that could transform the solar energy market.

“Today, we are the biggest solar energy ecosystem in Brazil. We provide a bunch of solutions such as monitoring platforms, courses, message platforms, events and CRM. Our focus is on helping our customers to be more efficient, profitable and sustainable. Having the best CRM on the market gives us the power to improve exponentially the sales performance of these companies that we work with.”

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