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Pipedrive Partner Awards 2023

Pipedrive, the first CRM designed by salespeople for salespeople, has announced the winners of its third annual Pipedrive Partner Awards. These awards honor top revenue performance across Pipedrive’s solution provider ecosystem.

Global Partner of the Year


Motii is proud to be Pipedrive’s 2024 Global Partner of the Year, reshaping businesses in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia since 2017 with our distinctive approach. Our industry-specific customizations redefine what’s possible with a CRM. We don’t just implement Pipedrive; we tailor it to your industry’s unique needs, creating a solution that speaks directly to your challenges and goals. The result? A seamless workflow experience that allows you and your team to concentrate on what truly matters: converting more deals with less effort.

Working with Pipedrive has been a game-changer for us, letting us excel in what we do best: industry-specific customizations and integrations. Pipedrive’s industry-leading product is the obvious foundation, and our seven-year partnership has given us an intimate understanding of its ins and outs. Armed with tech know-how, software insights, and industry smarts, we love being able to fine-tune Pipedrive to meet unique needs, ensuring businesses get the most out of it. Seeing firsthand how a seamlessly integrated CRM transforms a business is nothing short of amazing.

Ben FullerFounder and CEO, Motii

Regional Partner of the Year - APAC

Minor Workshop, LTD

Since the inception of the business, Minor Workshop has chosen to be a Pipedrive specialist. Rather than offer support on various CRMs, we love helping clients with the CRM that we use! Over half of our revenue and client base comes from Pipedrive consultancy and our support work. Pipedrive has one of the best partner programs in the world, and we’re thrilled to be recognized for the third year in a row as one of Pipedrive’s top partners. Our team is committed to offering the best support we can to Pipedrive customers, making sales teams more efficient and growing revenue by using the world’s best CRM.

Pipedrive makes it so easy for us to support customers. By receiving a commission on our customers’ accounts, we’re able to help any time questions come up, and we’re incentivized to help the customer grow and succeed with Pipedrive. This results in a better customer experience and revenue growth for everyone. Pipedrive’s Partner Program is truly unique compared to other programs I’ve been a part of.

Paul MinorsFounder & Director, Minor Workshop Ltd

Regional Partner of the Year - South EMEA


Established in 2014 and based in Paris, BLC is recognized for its expertise in deploying and implementing management solutions. We offer diverse services, including configuration, training and daily support to our clients.

BLC supports SMEs by empowering them to streamline their operations and stay ahead in the dynamic digital environment. The team draws on its extensive experience to offer tailor-made solutions, embracing innovative thinking and ensuring customers experience enhanced functional richness.

Our expertise and in-depth market understanding have increased our performance, enabling us to guide clients through a seamless digital transition using Pipedrive. The constant developments, daily presence and support from Pipedrive have played a pivotal role in this accomplishment.

A huge thanks to everyone at Pipedrive, with special appreciation for our amazing Channel Manager, João dos Santos.


Regional Partner of the Year - North EMEA

Zimple Oy

Zimple is a company based in Finland that focuses on Pipedrive consultancy, integrations and Pipedrive add-on development. Zimple wants to ensure sales teams benefit from their sales tech and are skilled and happy in using Pipedrive to drive their business growth. Zimple focuses on the Nordic region but has customers from all around the globe. Partnership with Pipedrive is essential to Zimple’s business and they’re very happy with how the partnership has developed over the years.

We’ve found that mutual trust and the working-together-mentality are key elements in our partnership with Pipedrive. We have every confidence that Pipedrive is the best CRM choice for any small-to-medium business, so partnering with Pipedrive has been a great choice for us. We’ve had a very successful first five years or so with Pipedrive and have big plans for growing alongside Pipedrive over the next five years too.

Juho KoskiCRO, Zimple Oy

Regional Partner of the Year - Central EMEA


Dáváme implements Pipedrive CRM in companies according to the best practices of hundreds of our customers. Whether it is a small company of five people or a team of 150 salespeople, we always deliver the best settings, customization and connections to the right applications. We impart the knowledge that enables companies to deliver a phenomenal experience for their customers.

Pipedrive is the first CRM the salespeople love because they understand everything from day one.

Tomáš WeisnerFounder and CEO, Dáváme

Regional Partner of the Year - DACH

PD Experts

PD Experts was one of the first companies entirely dedicated to Pipedrive. Throughout our five-year partnership, our consultants have guided and supported over 500 clients in effectively selecting and utilizing this invaluable tool. Acknowledging that a robust CRM transcends the confines of a singular tool, the developers of the Germany-based company excel in seamlessly integrating the most commonly used software solutions.

We’re beyond grateful for this award. It’s a nod to the hustle and dedication of the PD Experts squad, who consistently push the envelope and deliver the best possible consulting for Pipedrive. This accolade fuels our fire to raise the bar, keeping us on track with our mission to provide top-notch support for SMEs.

Bernd AuerFounder and CEO, PD Experts

Regional Partner of the Year - Latin America

Pipe Digital

In a training session seven years ago, Pipe Digital visualized the market power that Pipedrive had. From this, under the guidance of Junior França, a consultancy model was developed that tackles the most significant challenges companies face with their use of CRM. Since then, more than 400 projects have been implemented, more than 4,000 salespeople and managers have been trained and more than 2,000 students have enrolled in the CRM Academy. We believe that sharing our knowledge through social networks helps thousands of people use the best CRM in the world and seek our help in achieving high performance in their sales operations.

A Pipedrive user for ten years and partner for six years, we’re the largest Pipedrive consultancy in Latin America. We understand that CRM is not just a tool but a culture within companies. That’s why, in our projects, we take care of the four pillars for a successful operation with CRM: having the best technology, having a well-defined commercial process, having trained and engaged users and having management following up with the indicators generated.

Junior FrançaFounder and CEO, Pipe Digital

Regional Partner of the Year - North America

iSales Solutions

iSales Solutions, headquartered in Towson, Maryland, has been a key player in the CRM solutions industry since our establishment in 2018. Our team of project managers and application specialists is dedicated to assisting clients in implementing, automating, and integrating their sales processes with Pipedrive at the core of their operations. Pipedrive has been our essential business partner from the start, allowing us to focus our offerings and expand our client base. This close partnership has enabled us to serve clients in English and Spanish, ranging from individual entrepreneurs to 50+ sales teams.

In 2018, we landed on Pipedrive as our CRM of choice. It helped us focus our offering while allowing us to scale up our business. Through Pipedrive’s world-class partnership program, we’ve been able to get the support we need to bring top-level solutions to our clients.

Matthew IsalesOwner, iSales

Global Rookie of the Year


Quiiven is a company where technology, sales management and data-driven marketing strategies combine to improve the process of selling real estate projects in Latin America. Pipedrive, as our main ally in this process, allows us to professionalize commercial teams and make strategic decisions in a simple, agile and cost-efficient way.

Teaming up with Pipedrive has been a pillar to Quiiven's amazing growth rate. Being named Global Rookie Partner of 2023 motivates us to not lower the intensity with which we work every day. Thank you Pipedrive for partnering with us, for encouraging us, and for being a part of this dream! We are very excited about what's coming in 2024!

Juan Pablo PalmieriFounder and CEO, Quiiven

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