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School of Code 2024 (Prague)

The algorithm of your future

One wise man once said that life isn’t about finding yourself but about creating yourself

Are you a fresh university graduate or in your final year of studies and trying to land your first tech job? Have you done some pet projects but aren’t sure how things are done in large companies? Or maybe you’ve been to bootcamps and aren’t sure how to move forward?

Apply to Pipedrive School of Code, unique learning-focused software engineering internship.

Where? Pipedrive office in Prague

When? April 02 to June 16

Salary? Yes! 37000 Kč/month (gross)

Application deadline: February 28, 2024

Pipedrive School of Code is a unique 11-week internship and mentoring program designed for people with little to no work experience and a solid motivation to start a career in the tech industry. We’re looking for motivated candidates who can showcase their dedication and passion for IT through personal projects, hobby apps, and other independent initiatives.

We’ll accept up to 10 interns. The internship consists of two parts: intensive training and teamwork. Experienced and helpful engineers from Pipedrive will mentor you full-time throughout the whole process, and we’ll supply you with all the necessary equipment for your work. All interns will have a monthly salary of 37000 Kč/month (gross).

An internship should be an experience: a deep dive not only into technologies the company works with but also a journey into a culture, history, and people who create all this magic. It should also be a learning experience where interns get an opportunity to learn a lot, while we get the benefit of having the most talented interns join the team. This way, everyone wins!

Mykhailo DorokhovEngineering L&D Lead, internship manager

Jump into the tech world with an open mind and a can-do attitude. Whether you're diving into coding or tackling software delivery, every bit of learning counts.

Natalie ZacharovaSoftware Engineer, internship mentor

Know your journey

Internship agenda

You will get 4 intensive trainings:

⚡ JS/TS fundamentals training
(we’ll go over the trickiest things in the JavaScript world)

💾 Databases training
(we’ll recap SQL and other magic of databases)

⚙️ Back-end development training
(NodeJS, Fastify, REST API, Knex, Redis, Jest)

🖥️ Front-end development training
(HTML/CSS, React and Redux)

During the second part of the internship, you’ll have a chance to work in a team, or as we call it in Pipedrive:

🚀 Mission
(Agile the way Pipedrive does it, a lot of Git, CI/CD)

Does this sound like you?

- You’re strongly motivated to become a software engineer.

- Open to learning new skills and working as part of a team.

- Ready to commit to the program full-time at our Prague office.

- You can speak and understand English.

How to apply?

In addition to the CV, create a short video (2 minutes max) introducing yourself, describing your previous studies/experience, and explaining why you’re interested in our program. We don’t care about your video editing skills; we just want to get to know you!

Ready? Set. Start your future!