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Sales and Marketing Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Binge on key takeaways and actionable insights from our virtual panel discussion Sales and Marketing Expert Voices. In this discussion we visit the macroeconomic issues affecting sales and marketing amid the coronavirus outbreak.

How to Sell Ethically During a Global Crisis

Matt Heinz answers the question "is it ethical to sell right now?" considering the damaged economy and socially distant environment we live in today. His short answer "yes" but you have to sell with empathy. Understand what your customers are going through and how your product serves them as an "essential service".

Selling with Empathy

How does one sell with empathy? Sales and Marketing expert Matt Heinz, provides the answer - this is not a time to pitch a "nice to have". Come to the conversation with value for your prospect. Don't ask them what's keeping them up at night, tell them what should be keeping them up at night.

Selling When You're Socially Distant

When you can't meet face to face, how can you sell? Lisa Coyle, Co-CEO of 360 Payments shares her experience in pivoting her sales strategy which was formerly reliant on such interactions. Using new channels like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to communicate with more people.

Should we be cold calling during a crisis?

You might be thinking it's not the best time to be cold calling your prospects. Not true. Solidify your brand as a valuable resource to your prospects. This is true in and out of crisis mode and is perhaps a higher bar than some companies have been used to.

How Can I Keep My Teams Productive While Remote?

Without an office space to collaborate together, how can a team stay productive during lockdown? Take the time to evaluate tools, refine processes, and re-train staff where needed. Make the most of the lull by preparing a well oiled machine that's ready for action when we come out of quarantine.