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How BBMG Used their Network to Grow their Number of Newsletter Subscribers

BBMG Consulting added 500 engaged subscribers to their newsletter after less than half a year of using Pipedrive and Outfunnel.

BBMG Consulting creates tailor-made brand solutions from its offices in New York and San Francisco. With a passion for sustainability, the team of 15 is dedicated to finding the right clients just as much as they are to delivering the right solution.

Making the world a better place is the driving value behind BBMG, who only target clients that consider their impact on the world. With eight to ten clients a year and a sales cycle of just under six months, Business Development Manager, Liz Courtney has an action-packed schedule as the company’s primary salesperson.

“We are just a small company and what we sell is very customized, very bespoke, so having a whole salesforce wouldn’t make sense with our scale and the nature of our product.”

Liz oversees outbound and inbound sales, from pursuing leads to getting the right people together to set up proposals, then queueing up the work once a client signs. While she gets plenty of support from the leadership team, she felt that she could do more in less time with the right tools in place.

The problem BBMG Consulting faced

Because of the company’s tailored approach to consulting, BBMG’s sales process involves a lot of work. Selecting the right prospects is time-consuming, and once the right match is found the team needs to put in a lot of effort to seal the deal.

In fact, BBMG gets their hands dirty before the first meeting. They talk to consumers, draft up a solution, and enter the room with a thorough understanding of their prospect’s challenges. Liz admits that this does take a lot more time, but that their unique approach is often what leads to getting hired by companies with the values they’re looking for.

As a one-person sales department, Liz coordinates the entire process from initial contact to final negotiations. This means approximately half a year of arranging meetings, follow-ups and general communications between each client and the rest of the BBMG team.

That’s a lot of work, and it doesn’t end there.

Newsletters were neglected

BBMG’s lead generation process is, much like their services, very bespoke. They rely on organic search, referrals, former clients and people in their network to source them new clients which, given that they are a small agency, results in plenty of opportunities.

While this worked well, Liz wanted to take their inbound activities up a notch but simply had her hands full. As a result, newsletter marketing was something BBMG wanted to improve on, but couldn’t invest much time into. One of the channels in place for acquiring leads was a newsletter sign-up form on their website, but it was far from optimized.

From time to time they had new people sign up, but they weren’t being monitored or contacted personally. Nor were they being added proactively, and the newsletter stats were a mystery. That is until she turned to Pipedrive and Outfunnel for a helping hand.

The solution they found

Before Pipedrive, BBMG managed its sales process using Salesforce. They started to find the software too bulky for their small organization and started looking for alternatives.

After searching for something intuitive and simple they came across Pipedrive, an agile and customizable alternative that turned out to be a great fit.

“I would lose track without Pipedrive. It’s the place where I can dump everything and still keep it organized.”

Over the course of five years, Liz has used Pipedrive to keep track of her daily activities and define her sales process. Using custom fields, she is able to add invaluable details to each contact that help BBMG pin down their specific needs. It also helps Liz monitor the success of different lead sources.

Because BBMG thrives on referrals and word-of-mouth marketing, Liz uses custom fields in Pipedrive to keep track of where leads come from. This information is added manually and reviewed by Liz every quarter to give her an idea of which channels are working best.

If a particular conference resulted in a lot of leads then going again would be a worthy investment. Similarly, if a certain contact sent many people their way then they would show their appreciation and prioritize sustaining that relationship.

One of the best things about Pipedrive, however, is that it connects with Outfunnel, which turned BBMG’s newsletter into a steady stream of opportunities.

Newsletters became BBMG’s go-to inbound sales channel

Liz found Outfunnel in the Pipedrive Marketplace less than a year ago. Outfunnel is a marketing tool that helps sales teams, among other things, automate email marketing campaigns. It seamlessly integrates with Pipedrive data to keep key email and web metrics from your website in one place.

After adding Outfunnel to her sales process, Liz was able to add 500 subscribers to BBMG’s monthly newsletter. For a niche agency that focuses on quality over quantity, that’s an impressive number of new opportunities. In fact, the contacts added were in Liz’s network all along but simply weren’t being capitalized on.

In addition to syncing Pipedrive contracts with BBMG’s mailing list, Outfunnel tells Liz when people open or click on newsletters. Based on this information, it’s easy to determine two things:

  1. If they open, the contact is still at the company
  2. If they consistently click and open, they’re at least a little interested

Using this information, Liz makes sure that she’s remarketing to contacts more consistently and without all the manual work. Every lead may not be an immediate opportunity, but with an active newsletter campaign, they are reminded about their interest in BBMG every month. So when the time comes for a sustainability-focused rebrand, they know who to call.

Growth happens when you automate the little tasks

According to Liz, having systems that automate little tasks is helpful, but she wouldn’t automate everything. Because of BBMG’s business model, it’s important to have a tailored approach to communications and to do a lot of empathetic listening with potential clients.

For similar agencies or consulting firms, who are focused on delivering customized solutions, the biggest opportunities come from cutting down on the admin stuff. Automating repetitive, behind-the-scenes activities like adding people to their newsletter list helped Liz focus her attention on clients, while also helping her target better leads.

“It happens in the background and gives me more intelligence. I don’t have to manually add people to our newsletter, plus Pipedrive and Outfunnel are super affordable, and as a small company our marketing budget is pretty slim so I appreciate that!”

“It’s like my personal assistant”

With the help of Pipedrive and Outfunnel, Liz was able to increase revenue for BBMG, as well as transform their newsletter into a long-term source of new opportunities. Using Pipedrive features like Smart BCC, she sends communications to Pipedrive manually and keeps all the data she needs in one place.

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