Save Time By Automatically Collecting Facebook Leads in Pipedrive With Adlots

Save Time By Automatically Collecting Facebook Leads in Pipedrive With Adlots

Social networks are not only simple platforms for communicating, they also provide a powerful way to harvest low-cost leads. Adlots developer Flames Group used to only focus their advertising on a landing page, but since taking up Facebook Lead Ads, the company witnessed a sharp reduction in CPL (cost per lead)—a reduction that directly opened up a much larger audience.

Facebook forms have custom fields that allow Flames Group to collect contact information easily and add qualification questions. However, they also created some new challenges.

How you can solve the challenge of automating Facebook lead gen

As Flames Group grew their list of Facebook qualified leads to over 1,000 a day, they need for a dedicated ads manager intensified.

The following tasks needed regular attention:

  • Export all the previous day’s leads from Facebook
  • Import the leads into Pipedrive as new deals
  • Distribute them correctly among sales representatives

The bulk of this work was performed manually, an approach to leads processing that led to friction in the Flames Group sales team and a strain of the sale process. This is when sales and marketing start to develop an ‘us VS them’ mentality, and the following problems develop:

  • Some of the sales reps were receiving more leads than others
  • Some information was lost or incorrect
  • A lot of duplicates were created
  • Some new leads were not assigned to anyone
  • The average delay between receiving the lead and having the first contact with them was one whole day
  • Data is compromised which leads to inaccurate forecasting and reporting

The vast majority of traffic turned up out of the blue, so the company had to automate their algorithm of lead distribution among sales reps.

Their first attempt to find a solution was to use Zapier, which helped reduce the delay to 15 minutes. However, there still remained the task of distributing leads among sales representatives, which the head of sales was still handling manually.

After failing to find a ready-to-use solution on the market, Flames Group decided to create their own.

Their developers analyzed the company’s needs and application for Facebook Lead Ads integration with Pipedrive seemed like the obvious and easiest solution.

Enter Adlots - the Pipedrive integration app to route leads in an instant

How does Adlots work?

Adlots offers a few different features to help salespeople utilize Facebook Lead Ads to qualify prospects. And, thanks to the solutions integration with Pipedrive, everything can be accessed from your CRM.

The features enable you to:

  • Generate leads using Facebook Lead Ads
  • Keep track of all users’ Facebook activities directly in Pipedrive
  • Track visitors of your website
  • Detect the media source of new leads based on collected data
  • Setup scoring models, based on the user’s activity on your website
  • Add or update prospects if they comment or message you on Facebook

When synced with Adlots not only streamlines the Facebook lead qualification process, but also simplifies the sales pipeline.

Using your CRM, you can score prospects who come through Facebook and your website and distribute them among the sales team, reducing the risk of losing leads and overtaxing your salespeople.

Adlots algorithm even checks if leads already exist in Pipedrive so you can be sure no duplicate contacts will end up in your CRM.

Flames Group now have fully automated lead qualification

Today, Flames Group’s Facebook leads are visible in Pipedrive, qualified, and assigned to the right sales representative as soon as a form is filled out on Facebook.

No manual work is involved.

Automating the entire process also cleared a lot of mess in lead distribution and lead qualification, so no data is lost along the way. Everything is synced up in their single Pipedrive CRM hub, and the chances of error are almost completely eradicated. 

Already a Pipedrive customer? Shop the Pipedrive Marketplace and add an Adlots integration to your tech stack. You can start automating your Facebook lead generations process right away.

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