How 360Services Uses Weekly Metrics to Create a Culture of Long Term Success

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360 Services offer a specialized fire protection service by keeping your facility clean, safe and working - that's stuff that saves lives. In addition to being great at what they do, it also turned out they're great at sales.

Here's a case study of how a fire protection cleaning company has 4 pipelines, 3 live dashboards in the office, thousands of calls that shows off what numbers game is all about, sales statistics that actually help you improve your performance (but don’t hinder it with cumbersome data overload), and peer-to-peer sales rep competition to tie it all together. We spoke to Michael Crafton, the head of the company to find out how they use Pipedrive. 

What's your sales process like? Could you talk through your sales pipelines, stages and how you’ve set them up?

We use 4 different pipelines to facilitate our sales process.

Our Sales Team uses 3 pipelines - the General Sales Pipeline, the Monthly Follow Up pipeline, and the Regional Follow Up pipeline. On top of this, our admin and scheduling work takes place in a separate Scheduling pipeline.

In most of the pipelines, we use the rotten deals feature as a reminder that specific prospects in specific stages need attention. I love the concept of rotting deals. We try to not use “rotting deals” as a negative word but as a positive word “reminding” us someone needs our attention. We set different rotting time frames for specific stages depending on the deal life cycle.

So here are the pipelines.

General Sales Pipeline has the following stages and explanations:

  • Prospect – Organization we have never spoken with.
  • Appt Set – Organizations we have set an appoint with about a deal.
  • Proposal Given – Deal that we have formally given a proposal to. We have a small window of opportunity to close a deal after we give a proposal. The rot feature, set to 21 days, helps remind our reps when they window is closing.
  • HOT – Deals we think will close within 10 days. Deals are moved here when we think it can close at anytime and after we have presented a proposal. Rot is set to 10 days.
  • Verbal – Deals are moved here when a deal gives us a verbal confirmation and rots shortly after (7 days) if we have not gotten a signed contract.
360 Services General Sales Pipeline


Monthly Follow Up pipeline

Each month is a stage. We put prospects that are not able to make a buying decision until a specific month in this pipeline. We call these people to set up appointments for the first week of each month.

360 Services Monthly Followup Pipeline

The Regional Follow Up pipeline has got custom stages per sales rep. Reps create territory based stages for deals in areas they sell in, for example Northside, Southside, Westside, etc.

Scheduling Pipeline

  • SOLD Needs Entered – Sales Reps that have a “won” deal put it in this stage for our admin staff to onboard into our system. Rot is set to 2 days.
  • ENTERED Needs Scheduled KEC/FP – When a member of our admin staff on-boards a new customer (won deal) in the system they move it to this stage to be scheduled. This stage is specific to our KEC/FP department. Rot is set to 4 days.
  • SCHEDULED Needs Confirmed - When a scheduling manager schedules a job they move it here so the support staff can confirm the date and time with the customer.
  • Needs Ordered & Shipped - Deals that require parts to be ordered are put in this pipeline stage for our purchasing manager.
  • DONE Scheduled and Confirmed - Deals that are completely through the life cycle are put here so that the rep can verify the customer has been taken care of. 

What kind of statistics do you look at?

I put a big emphasis on week-to-week sales and not on month-to-month or quarter-to-quarter. I believe that by staying on top of short term goals and closing deals week after week, you will not lose track of a longer term quota.

360 Services has both short and long sales cycles. Keeping our short term sale prospects informed often allows us to efficiently close more deals.

360 Services statistics dashboard


The statistics that are most important to us are:
Won deals – Dollar amount per week
Activities – Completed calls per week
Activities – Emails per week
Activities – Proposals per week*
Activities – Stop By-s per week*
Activities – Tinderbox proposals given per week*

The stop by-s are important to us to see how many deals were uncovered during the prospecting process. Since we provide a service that takes place on site at customers facilities, it is important that we visit each facility before a proposal is presented. Each rep is required to “cold call” (visit) a specific number of potential prospects (deals) per day/per week. Tinderbox is a proposal presentation platform on that offers in-depth analytics into the viewing habits of proposals.

Pipedrive Statistics Page


How do you personally use Pipedrive?

I personally use Pipedrive different than our sales reps. I use it more as a management tool than a personal sales CRM. Although I do have deals working through the system, overall there are very few of those.

I constantly monitor the live and company statistic pages. I will hold reps accountable to make a certain amount of phone calls or write a certain amount of emails if they want to be successful. If a sales rep has a bad sales week I can point right back to the number of phone calls, emails, proposals given, etc, given that week by quickly pointing to their Personal Statistics.

Numbers do not lie. I can pinpoint how many phone calls, emails, etc a rep needs to make to hit his or her quota by using historical data given to me through Pipedrive. When they dip below that, they don’t hit their dollar quota #.

Our reps are aware that data is projected throughout the office and that their progress is visible. In turn they also monitor themselves and their sales teammates. No one wants to be the rep with the least calls, emails, or sales for the week. This leads to sales reps using Pipedrive for creating small peer to peer contests amongst themselves.

360 Services Office Dashboard

How did you arrive to using Pipedrive? I heard you were using Salesforce beforehand. Could I ask what was lacking there, why you made the change, and what’s changed since the switch?

I was a Salesforce user and hated it. Very little functionality and cumbersome. So last year I went on a mission to find a CRM that fits my personality - fast, furious, and easy to use. And a simple CRM that my people would want to use.

I arrived at Pipedrive after I become frustrated with SalesForce. I demoed about 8-10 different CRM platforms during the process. Some of which included: Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Base, and Netsuite (which we currently use as  our ERP).  Netsuite did not give us the ease of use and mobile functionality I needed for our fast paced sales process and team.

I evaluated the following in this order

  1. Ease of use
  2. User Experience
  3. Mobile Capabilities
  4. Design (visual)
  5. Price

Salesforce was too cumbersome, hard to use efficiently, poorly designed, and took more time to update than to sell a deal. The price was extremely high and was not worth what we were getting. The price did not give us the value we expected. The additional costs to integrate it with simple programs, such as Gmail, Hubspot, Tinderbox, etc was super high and created a barrier to integration.

What’s the best sales management tip or technique or philosophy?

I believe that our sales reps have a choice:

They either want to be successful or they don’t want to be successful. Successful reps generate a lot of activity and are constantly moving deals through the process. Unsuccessful reps generate low activity and don’t last very long. I will not force someone to make a certain amount of phones calls. I believe that weekly accountability creates a culture of long term success. We announce numbers weekly and review, as a team, the personal Pipedrive statistics of each rep.

Any news to share with our readers?

360 Services has leveraged the use of Pipedrive to help facilitate efficient growth in our business. We recently launched our newest and most dynamic service offering, Fire Inspections to complement our core service of Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning. Keeping track of a large amount of new opportunities was becoming cumbersome. Pipedrive has helped us stay organized, motivated, and in tune with our prospect base.

*custom statistics

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