How to Close Sales: WhatRunsWhere has Found Balance Between Being Relaxed and Well Organized

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WhatRunsWhere is a competitive intelligence service for companies that use online media. Like they put it themselves: We help you buy more intelligently and profitably for your existing and future campaigns, discover new traffic sources, and help keep an eye on what your competition is up to.

WhatRunsWhere has a unique approach to sales, and they're also a Pipedrive user, so we had a chat with Max Teitelbaum, the company's chief operating/marketing officer.

What is your sales process like?

We do a lot of outbound sales. We reach out to potential partners and clients and then onboard them through a demo and trial program that converts them into full blown users.

Our sales stages go as follows: Contact Made > Email Discussions > Demo Pending > Demo Presented > Purchase Pending > Service Switching Ongoing > Live.

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Any secret sauce for closing deals?

People these days are so used to being bombarded by sales people with high pressure pitches. One key to closing sales that we've found is being personal and relaxed. By being more laid back and personable we find we're able to close more sales and form long term relationships with our customers.

We treat our customers like people, rather than "prospects". We don't push someone towards something aggressively, rather we give them the information to make the right decision and let them do it in a no stress and pressure way. It applies to every facet of the company from internal meetings to sales calls.

The other key that we learned the hard way is organization. When we first started going into a hardcore sales cycle, there were leads everywhere (literally all around our office). By funneling them into one pipeline, we can keep track of leads better and as a result we close more of them.

How has Pipedrive helped your team?

Since moving to Pipedrive we've been a lot more efficient with our time. We're better able to track, plan and execute on our leads. It helps me personally better manage our sales team as it gives me a better understanding of the day to day of the team with a birds-eye view of what is happening across the board.

Any advice to other companies/startups looking to increase sales?

Sales in part is a numbers game and the other part is the process. Great marketing gets you the numbers to talk to and then a solid approach and tool set (Pipedrive!) finishes the deal.