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How to Use Pipedrive for Recruiting

As chief talent officer at Pipedrive, I scan the profiles of prospective candidates daily. My job is to find the crėme de la crėme (or simply the best, as Tina Turner would sing). This blog post is here to show how you can use Pipedrive for recruiting and manage your prospects better.

When I first joined Pipedrive and Ragnar (a company co-founder) gave me the link to start using Pipedrive, I was staggered for a moment – are we really going to be using a sales software for recruitment? Well, yes – it’s brilliant for it. That’s why HubSpot, Iterable and RecruitLoop use Pipedrive for recruiting.

Why I like using Pipedrive as an applicant tracking software

The problem with most recruitment tools I’ve worked with over the years has been their inherent complexity – every tool had a steep learning curve and required comprehensive training. The simplicity of Pipedrive – the bird’s-eye view of a hiring process – makes a difference.

My two favorite features:

1. The horizontal pipeline view.

  • It gives a visual overview of how many candidates I have at any one stage of the hiring process.
  • I can drag and drop the prospects from stage to stage without having to type in their new status.
  • I can simply book an interview time directly from the app and get reminders, making time management a nonissue.

2. It’s connected to my email.

When I send an email or receive one from a candidate, the message is automatically displayed in the application – no copy/paste needed. See our support site here to find out how to set up the integration.

Other features that help me find the best candidates

In a broader sense, there’s a couple of other ways I organize my workload:

  • I have a different pipeline for every role – the copywriter, the marketing intern and so on. I can customize the number of stages in a process, as well as their names, so having numerous pipelines is useful and convenient.
  • I can add notes, the CV and previous contact history (calls, interviews) for a prospect. This way, everyone involved with the hiring process can quickly get an understanding of a candidate.

So there you go – a peek into how I organize my work. If you’re a recruitment manager, why not give Pipedrive a go yourself – you can try it for free for 14 days.

Happy hiring

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