How InEvent Built A Growth Engine Fueled By Activity-Based-Selling

How InEvent Built A Growth Engine Fueled By Activity-Based-Selling

When you’re in the business of creating and selling event management software — you start to get a serious appreciation for the importance of organization and structure.

InEvent develops software designed to help their customers manage events, expos, and conferences from the planning stage right through to production and review.

Their software provides an end-to-end marketing solution that simplifies training, events and travel management with a collection of industry-specific features including:

  • management tools
  • online registration
  • marketing tools
  • QR Codes
  • ticketing
  • supporting integrations
  • event mobile apps

InEvent's sales strategy incorporates both an inside-sales team (handling a combination of inbound and outbound sales) and a team in the field handling face-to-face sales meetings.

According to Inside Sales Manager Carlos Pacheco, the main issue the team faced before adopting Pipedrive was the absence of one central hub to visualize all current opportunities. InEvent’s sales process was fragmented and inconsistent across teams and individuals.

“It was a real mess before we started using Pipedrive. We did not have much control over the daily activities of the still small sales force, let alone generating personalized reports.” - InEvent Inside Sales Manager, Carlos Pacheco

InEvent’s sales team were facing a very similar problem their own software was attempting to solve for their customers.

Running an event of any magnitude is so similar to managing sales – you need a structured process to make sure all of the right activities are executed at the right time. Otherwise, you’re setting your team up to manage constant stress, pressure, and uncertainty.

Like sales – events management has many moving parts that demand a superior level of prioritization. Getting the timing of your actions right is vital.

Driving growth with a sales team of twelve people in the competitive events software niche presents a sizable challenge. The complexities of lead generation, marketing, customer support, and retention demand a structured sales process. The manager responsible for the process needs control, insight and the ability to correct course quickly.

Supporting sales with the right connections and integrations

Pacheco knew the entire organization needed to use a single CRM as a hub to manage the entire sales process.

“We use Pipedrive to document all interactions with potential customers, from the beginning of a search (prospecting), through, in some cases, after sales as well. This way we can keep all the information centralized in a single platform where all of the sales team can consult promptly and streamline their sales operations.” - InEvent Inside Sales Manager, Carlos Pacheco

Aligning Sales and Marketing (and Demand Gen and Biz Dev and Comms…) is a notoriously difficult challenge and many sales managers have tried and failed before. But if you can develop a scalable sales process where marketing sends only the right qualified leads for the sales team to focus on – you can dramatically increase your conversion rates.

How InEvent Developed One Consistent Sales Process

So how do multiple teams supporting the sales effort plug into this single source of truth?

InEvent managed to make it happen and they’ve shared their story to help us answer this question in practice for you.

It all starts with their Pre-Sales Team, who handle all prospecting and lead qualification, documenting every step of the lead’s journey in the relevant deal inside Pipedrive. This is also where the first integration with another software makes an appearance.

“[In addition to Pipedrive] we also use another software app for commercial intelligence called Ramper, which we have also integrated with Pipedrive. This greatly simplifies the work we do in this specific area,” says Pacheco.

The marketing team uses software called RD Station to drive digital lead acquisition.

This software features a handy Pipedrive integration that makes sure all leads are captured and sent to your Pipedrive hub automatically. Once a lead is qualified according to the rules you set in RD Station, you will find a contact and deal instantly created in Pipedrive.

You can trigger an activity to notify your sales team to take a specific action in response to this new qualified lead entering your pipeline.

  • Rules set in RD Station to determine when a lead is marked ‘qualified’ >
  • Lead marked as qualified in RD Station >
  • Deal instantly created in Pipedrive with contextual details from RD Station >
  • Trigger set to notify sales team of new qualified lead >
  • Follow-up activity can be actioned

The Pipedrive-RD Station integration works the other way too.

Any activities logged in Pipedrive that affect the lead nurturing done by your marketing team can be automatically added to the lead profile in RD Station, resulting in a seamless system – giving both teams updated, consistent information without any time spent or human error risked.

“Pipedrive is the main software used by most of the InEvent team. The app gives us a very complete, end-to-end experience.” - Pacheco

Without the integration, a marketing team using RD station in isolation to Pipedrive would not be able to track the journey of a lead after qualification, making attribution, reporting, and performance management a painstakingly manual (and error-prone) process.

Any software you use should adapt to your needs rather than force you into a narrow, pre-set way of doing things. It helps if your tools are customizable where it matters, while also offering a suite of over 130 easy-to-use integrations with other software.

Apart from the power of integrations, InEvent are so thankful for the capability to customize their Pipedrive interface to specifically match the way they like to manage sales.

“We customize everything we can. Filters, pipelines, and labels (I especially loved this novelty, one of the best of all time). With this customization, we have full control of all stages of our sales operation.” - Pacheco

The method behind InEvent’s winning sales process

Using the right tools for the job simplifies selling. Pacheco points to the time-saving benefits of Pipedrive as the foundation for sustainable growth.

His team save time managing administrative tasks and spend more time speaking with leads and customers.

The activity-based-selling process you can build into your Pipedrive workflow does so much of the prioritization work for InEvent’s team, so they don’t have to worry about what is the most important action to take at any given time.

“We use most of Pipedrive's tools: the sales funnel is essential to follow the negotiation process with potential customers. In our Pipedrive pipeline we separate the deals and potential clients into segments, such as inbound and outbound and whether it is a recurring deal or just a single project.

Each member of the sales team uses Pipedrive every day to organize all the necessary steps and the next steps with their potential clients and customers, based on a sales process structured with the best practices and scientific principles of sales.” - Pacheco

This is an ideal example of the activity-based-selling philosophy in action.

How does a consistent process turn into continuous revenue growth?

Apart from simplifying the job of the individual salesperson using the CRM, an activity-based-selling sale process makes tracking, reporting and forecasting so much easier to manage.

When all sales activities are captured accurately and consistently, you have clear visibility over performance. You can spotlight mistakes or innefficiencies in your process and continually correct course and optimize as you go.

As Pacheco explains, you still have to put in the hours analyzing the data, and it helps if this practice is adopted across the board:

“All sales managers, especially our CEO, have a habit of carefully analyzing all the data generated on a daily basis. This habit is repeated by our Chief Revenue Officer, which in turn also reflects on my habits as manager of the pre-sales team.” - Pacheco

How does he feel this ability to analyze the sales process helps InEvent?

“It helps us to understand how the team is working and gives us not only metrics but also insights to understand what needs to be improved and how we should coach and guide the team on an individual basis. Pipedrive allows us to be a data-driven company.” - Pacheco

When you develop a deep understanding of your sales process and start seeing the ways in which it can be improved, you start developing the ability to consistently drive sustainable growth.

“We are able to overcome challenges at various stages of the process. I would say, in my own case, in the prospecting part. By using Pipedrive I was able to identify several errors we were making and establish new processes that allowed us to multiply the results of my team.” - Pacheco

Pacheco is comfortable in the knowledge the sales team is fully supported by other business functions and the company is working from a system that is integrated correctly.

The sales team can focus on what they do best – selling.

Use InEvent’s as inspiration to build your revenue growth machine

Considering that the company is just four years old, InEvent has managed to establish a massively impressive client portfolio including global giants like Coca-Cola, Amazon, Santander, Bosch, Bayer, KPMG, Honda, DuPont, Ely Lilly, Carrefour, and Stefanin.

Pacheco attributes this success to two foundations of sustainable growth:

  • Establishing a consistent sales process to align all members
  • Using the right technology to save time with automation and scale up fast

We’re not one to toot our own horn, so we’ll let Pacheco do the talking:

“Being extremely simple and objective: Pipedrive is the best CRM in the world.”

Aw shucks.

Big thanks to the entire team at InEvent.

We’re proud to be supporting one of the fastest-growing events management companies in the world.

And we want to be sharing your success story in 12 month’s time 😉

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