Case Studies

If you want to learn how to scale up fast, start by analyzing the success stories of brands who’ve made it happen. Below is a selection of inspiring case studies from businesses who started small and navigated the challenges of explosive growth.

Advanced Stem Sell Institute Case Study
How Advanced Stem Cell Institute Uses Automation to Convert 89% of People Who Have Received Treatment Recommendations
Thanks to the Pipedrive and Textline integration, the team at Advanced Stem Cell Institute is contacting over 25 patients a day and has a conversion rate of 89% for patients who have received treatment recommendations.
Social Burro Case Study
How Social Burro Inc. is on Track to Triple its Annual Revenue with the Help of Pipedrive
Having used Pipedrive since its inception, social media and consulting company Social Burro Inc. is currently on track to make three times the revenue they made last year.
Pipedrive Big Dog Solar case study
How Big Dog Solar Grew Revenue by 40% with the Help of Pipedrive Professional
With Pipedrive as the cornerstone of the company’s drive to improve its sales, marketing and customer management processes, solar panel installation company Big Dog Solar has seen considerable growth in revenue over the last year.
Reintech Case Study
How Reintech Used Pipedrive to Interview and Evaluate 1,500 Software Engineers
Pipedrive is a great sales CRM tool, but it’s easy-to-use features and flexibility means that our users often utilize it for different reasons. Tech recruitment specialists Reintech is one such company, having used Pipedrive to track 1,500 software engineers through a rigorous hiring and portal sign-up process they still use.
Pipedrive Accentuate Case Study
How Accentuate Grew Revenue by 1,000% with the Right CRM for a Web Design Company
Web design company Accentuate adopted Pipedrive four years ago, after Eden Brownlee, a Digital Strategy Consultant at the company, identified a need for better data management and more automations in order to scale. Since then, they’ve seen a huge boost in revenue growth.
JuiceBar case study LeadBooster
How Pipedrive and LeadBooster Help JuiceBar to Manage Exceptional Demand
At a time when demand for their products is skyrocketing, JuiceBar relies on Pipedrive and the LeadBooster add-on to manage inbound sales opportunities, identify the hottest leads and automate their workflow. Thanks to Pipedrive and LeadBooster, their sales cycle has been cut in half.
Mediavision Case Study
How Pipedrive and Livestorm Helped MediaVision Transform Their Lead Generation Strategy
MediaVision used to rely on word of mouth and networking to win new business, but recently realized they needed to find new ways to generate leads to match their ambitious growth plans. Livestorm, Pipedrive and, in particular, the LeadBooster and Web Visitors add-ons have helped the company to revitalize their lead generation strategy.
Inkwell Case Study
How Inkwell used Pipedrive to Double the Size of Their Pipeline in One Year
Inkwell grew turnover 167% between its first year, when the team was using a spreadsheet, and its second, when they switched to Pipedrive. Read their story.
mckeon group case study
How McKeon Group Grew Their Annual Revenue by 186% in Four Years with Pipedrive
Construction and building services company McKeon Group adopted Pipedrive when they set up their sales and marketing department in 2016. Now 26 team members use it to manage everything from sales to contracts, as they have increased annual revenue by 186% in four years.