Case Studies

If you want to learn how to scale up fast, start by analyzing the success stories of brands who’ve made it happen. Below is a selection of inspiring case studies from businesses who started small and navigated the challenges of explosive growth.

NJ Media Case Study
How NJ Media Used Mailigen and Pipedrive to Pivot into a New Niche Market and Find 7 New High-Value Clients
With the help of Mailigen and Pipedrive, marketing agency NJ Media identified a niche market that would bring high returns, discovered and converted seven prospects in that market into customers and started marketing to European, American and Canadian forestry businesses.
Gray Matters case study
Gray Matters Uses Pipedrive to Spot Trends and Create Innovative New Products
When he founded Gray Matters, Adam Graham relied on Google Sheets to store his sales data and save money. However, when he realized he needed a more powerful, but still affordable tool to manage his prospects’ data and sales pipeline, he turned to Pipedrive.
MyBanker Plecto Case Study
How Mybanker Tripled its Sales Team Using Pipedrive and Plecto
Forming new partnerships and making sure that existing partners are benefiting are the sales team’s top priorities. In order to effectively manage the acquisition and customer success sales cycles, Mybanker turned to Pipedrive and Plecto.
Kixie Scratchpay Case Study
How Scratchpay Significantly Reduced Onboarding With Pipedrive and Kixie
Scratchpay provides point-of-sale financing at veterinary clinics for pet owners who need to pay for unexpected pet care. Find out how this financial services company has provided this service through more clinics with the help of Pipedrive and Kixie.
snug autopilot case study
How Snug Boosts their List of Prospects by 40% Every Month
Based in Australia, Snug’s online renting platform has over 100,000 active users. To grow this number, the two-person sales team turned to Pipedrive and Autopilot. Find out how Snug reduced its sales cycle from six weeks to under two in just one year of using Pipedrive and Autopilot.
Proplib case study
How PropriLib Grew Its Revenue and Sales Team with Pipedrive and Slack
After adopting Pipedrive, French real estate disruptor PropriLib grew its sales team and its revenue. The team now uses slack to keep on top of their deals. Find out how.
Intrnz Autopilot Case Study
How Intrnz Boosted Annual Revenue by 250% with Pipedrive and Autopilot
Intrnz provides short-term housing for students doing summer internships in New York City. Read how, After using Pipedrive and Autopilot, Intrnz’s annual turnover went from $400,000 to $1,000,000.
Pipedrive Flowbird and ActiveDEMAND
How Flowbird Used Pipedrive and ActiveDEMAND to Increase Business by 23%
By integrating Pipedrive with ActiveDEMAND, Flowbird is now able to easily manage their email marketing campaigns, lead nurturing, and lead scoring.
Nirmal Case Study
How Nirmal Web Studio Boosted their Sales 50% in a Year
Before turning to the two tools, Nirmal struggled to keep things organized in the consulting industry where the sales cycle is two to three months. Now, Pipedrive and help Nirmal and his team nurture leads in a structured way.