How React & Share Started Hitting All Their Sales Goals

React and Share Pointagram Case Study
  • React & Share started booking 20% more product demos within the first three months of using Pipedrive and Pointagram
  • The consulting company’s sales team achieved 100% transparency of their sales data
  • Since integrating Pipedrive and Pointagram, they have hit every single monthly sales goal

React & Share helps websites measure the effectiveness of their content. Their web analytics tools are live on over two thousand web pages thanks to a dedicated sales team of five, who spread the word globally from their headquarters in Helsinki, Finland.

Sales Director Teemu Tarvo, who heads the team, is also responsible for gathering data from his sales colleagues and sharing it with the company’s developers.

When Teemu joined React & Share, he desperately needed a tool to help him keep track of sales. At the time he was managing sales for two companies, so tracking leads and making the most of his time was essential. 

React & Share’s team were already using Pipedrive, but they used it to store data rather than manage sales. After recognizing the potential of Pipedrive as a sales tool, Teemu and his team started to use the CRM and Pointagram to blast through sales targets.

Not a Single Monthly Sales Goal Missed after Pipedrive and Pointagram 

“It’s the iPhone of CRMs. Very easy to use. You could give it to a kid and they’d be able to use it.”

After using tools like Salesforce and Hubspot, Teemu was surprised by how comparatively easy it was to implement Pipedrive into his sales process. Before long, Teemu realized that Pipedrive gave him quick insights into how fast deals were closing, how many he could start without losing track of things, and where the biggest bottlenecks were. 

“Pipedrive is very intuitive which is important for salespeople. It helps you focus on what matters most: the customer.”

While getting organized was a struggle, the biggest challenge for Teemu and his team was maintaining transparency. Once Pipedrive was cemented into his team’s daily sales process, Teemu wanted to make sales data even more visual and creative. 

The problem React & Share faced

Salespeople are communications experts and, according to Teemu, they are as often as not just as motivated by numbers and reports as they are by visuals. He felt that a dashboard that made all individual and team sales progress easy to digest would complement Pipedrive’s more detailed view. 

“We used Pipedrive and realized that we needed a more visual format for tracking certain goals and numbers. We wanted to make goals fun and exciting, not just report things but also to direct our activities during the week based on performance.”

In short, Teemu wanted to make sales fun. Before Pipedrive, he introduced Pointagram to his team as a way of visualizing key stats. However, like Pipedrive, React & Share didn’t take full advantage of Pointagram at first.

It was only after they integrated the app with Pipedrive that they were able to get the real-time KPI figures that they wanted. Everything updated automatically, but the most important takeaway wasn’t technical fluidity, it was that data in their team became 100% transparent.

The solution they found

Transparency is more than just sharing data. It’s about sharing data in a way that is actionable and easy to grasp.

Using Pointagram and Pipedrive, all individual results are up on a live dashboard. This means that each team member sees a visual representation of how far they are from their target in relation to the team. It’s particularly handy for sales managers like Teemu, who sees it as a way to normalize data sharing and focus on aiding members of the team who are lagging behind.

“As a salesperson you can be much more proactive and see that you may be falling behind, while as a manager you can step in to help or address members of the team who are falling behind.”

Pointagram is also great for hosting small competitions. Using tangible or intangible prizes can turn sales data from Pipedrive into something exciting and fun. It’s no wonder that React & Share’s sales team boosted the number of demos given by 20% in less than three months.

Transparency is the key to more sales

When it comes to scaling advice, Teemu insists that being honest, open and brave are the traits that will take you and your team to the next level.

Being honest with your team about what’s expected of them, and to customers about what they can expect from the product, paves the way for long-term relationships internally and externally. In turn, being open with sales metrics and performance encourages healthy competition. It also makes it easy to spot and help members of the team who need a hand.

Trying something new led Teemu to Pipedrive and Pointagram, which had a positive impact on team results. Having their sales process transparent and well-defined also made onboarding new team members easier than ever.

“Save Data and Time with Pipedrive”

Features like two-way email sync and email templates made upgrading their Pipedrive plan an easy choice for the React & Share’s sales team. Interested in anything that makes it easier for his salespeople to talk to more customers, Teemu continues to explore forecasting and advanced sales automations in the spirit of being brave.

Find out how your agency or consultancy could benefit from a CRM in our article, or download the guide below on creating a sales process.

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