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How React & Share gamified sales

React & Share helps websites measure the effectiveness of their content. Their web analytics tools are live on over two thousand web pages.

  • Client: React & Share
  • Industry: SaaS – Content analytics software/consultancy
  • Location: Helsinki, Finland
  • Number of employees: 10-15
  • Employees in sales: 5
  • Integrations used: Pointagram

Quick facts

React & Share booked 20% more demos within three months of using Pipedrive and Pointagram

Their sales team’s goals and progress are now completely transparent and up to date

Since integrating Pipedrive and Pointagram, they’ve hit every month’s sales goals


CRM Requirements

When sales manager Teemu Tarvo joined React & Share, tracking leads and making the most of his time were top priorities. While getting organized was a struggle, the biggest challenge for him and the team was maintaining transparency. They wanted each salesperson to see how they were doing in relation to the team’s goals, and Teemu wanted to see who was lagging behind so he could step in. On top of it all, he wanted to make sales fun and engaging, much like React & Share’s content software.

How they work

React & Share makes analytic tools for content and communication professionals on a paid subscription basis. Their embeddable reaction and sharing buttons let content managers see how their audience feels and how engaged they are. React & Share also provides users with easy reports and analytics.

“It’s the iPhone of CRMs. Very easy to use. You could give it to a kid and they’d be able to use it.”

How Pipedrive helped

React & Share’s team had been using Pipedrive to store data and Pointagram, a gamification app, to visualize key stats. However, it wasn’t until they integrated the two that they were able to get the real-time KPI figures that they wanted. Thanks to the Pointagram integration for Pipedrive, all individual results are up on a live dashboard and each team member sees how far they are from their target in relation to the team. Everything updates automatically and data in their team is 100% transparent.

Pipedrive features used

Two-way email sync, to keep track of communications in Pipedrive and the teams’ email inboxes

Email templates, to make their sales process well-defined and to ease onboarding

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