How Transitions2earth Uses the Pipedrive Mobile App to Contact Twice as Many Customers

Transitions2earth Pipedrive Mobile use case

Transitions2earth’s Pipedrive Success Story

Transitions2earth Pipedrive case study

Transitions2earth offers a broad range of cutlery, serving utensils, plates and more for the eco-conscious customer. 

They offer durable, heat stable, high quality products that help reduce your impact on the environment. 

Transitions2earth products perform just like high quality disposable products but won’t be on this earth for the next 500-1000 years.

Pipedrive 1, Spreadsheets 0

All of Transitions2earth’s customer base comes from contact with clients at tradeshows, on the phone and via email. It is important that they track all of their interactions with customers across many types of contact and over a long period of time.

Transitions2earth were originally using a combination of email and spreadsheets. Relevant notes would be kept under email contacts and in Excel files. The Excel files were kept in Dropbox so all the salespeople could have access to them. However, this approach was cumbersome and extremely ineffective for the sales team.

The ability to effortlessly consolidate all of that information into deals in Pipedrive means that they never have to fumble for customer information again.

“We’re in a crowded category and we need to stay in front of our customers if we want to earn their business. Having Pipedrive at the core of our sales effort has allowed us to extend our reach significantly. [...] This is definitely a competitive advantage.” - Ammi Borenstein, CEO of Transitions2earth.

The great search

Previously, Ammi had seen Salesforce implementations scrapped after months of trying to implement. From there on, he went on a search for a better CRM alternative. First, they had to take a step back and define what Transitions2earth really wanted and needed.

“We realized we needed something collaborative, mobile and dashboard oriented. We had to be able to see what was happening with our deal flow in a clean format. We also needed easy integration with Google Suite and MailChimp. [...] We tested out Pipedrive and immediately knew that it would meet our needs and scale with our growth.” - Ammi

Finding Pipedrive

Prior to Pipedrive, everything was all done ad hoc which was terribly time-consuming and not scalable. 

One of the first things Transitions2earth did when starting out was develop a sales work flow by using the pipeline view and its stages. Now that they have a structured process, they have found themselves closing more deals and a lot faster.  

No longer do they have to waste precious time on finding notes and details of contacts in spreadsheets on Dropbox. Transitions2earth are are able to contact approximately twice as many customers now.

The unexpected find

Phone calls are critical to Transitions2earth’s sales process, so the capabilities of the Pipedrive Mobile app turned out to be exactly what they needed. 

“We were looking for a mobile app as part of our approach, but we weren’t really expecting much from it. However, we have now found the Pipedrive mobile app to be a critical part of our process.” - Ammi

The biggest advantage of using the Pipedrive mobile app for Ammi’s sales team is having all of their client's information in the palm of their hands. When on a call with a customer, you can quickly check their status and smoothly integrate that knowledge into the conversation.

The mobile app also allows you to log each and every call you make with a customer. That means that you constantly know who has already contacted this customer and when. As it is so easy to plan the next task in the app, Transitions2earth’s sales team always makes sure to do that after every call, keeping themselves always ahead of their customers.

The mobile app is very fluid for making calls, logging calls and entering notes, Ammi and his team use it more than the web app since calls are critical to their sales process.

“With the mobile app, we have cut the time it takes to “process” a call by about 40%.” - Ammi

Pipedrive practical suggestions

What can you do with Pipedrives’ mobile app while you’re on the road?

  • Seamlessly log outbound phone calls with customers and easily add notes while they’re still fresh.
  • Quickly update customer information on the go; update phone numbers, add email addresses, edit custom fields, jot down notes, etc.
  • Use the nearby feature to pull up a map of your prospects and better plan your time so you know where to go next.

How can you log calls on the mobile app?

Your CRM is at the palm of your hand. Look up that lead that you are about to call and log that customer!

Open up a customer’s deal > tap on the phone icon > after the call, add notes > finally, log the call by tapping “Done”.

Pipedrive Mobile App - Log Calls

How can you update customer information?

Easy! Open up the deal, organization or contact > tap on Edit or the custom field > add your new information > finally, hit Done when you’re finished.

Pipedrive Mobile App - Data Entry

The nearby feature - Where to next?

You’re in town and you want to see where to go next? Tap on Nearby under the More tab > select if you want to see deals, organizations or people and then the filter.

Pipedrive Mobile App- Nearby