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How Gentec Electro-Optics found Simplicity

Global leader in laser beam measurement Gentec Electro-Optics simplified their pipeline by adopting Pipedrive.

  • Industry: Technology
  • Location: USA
  • Key feature: Formstack Documents integration


Number of people in their sales team


Key Pipedrive integrations used

The challenge

Gentec-EO is situated in an industry where sales decisions can take quite some time, so daily sales activities, such as doing follow-ups and digging through old emails, are necessary.

Previously, Gentec-EO used Microsoft Dynamics, but the main issue for the team was that there was no integration with a quoting tool.

After deciding to put Microsoft Dynamics aside, they took a step back to define what they needed in a CRM. With their team spread out around the world, they looked for a reliable cloud-based solution with better integrations, including apps for in-document generation and emailing distribution so they could extend their marketing platform.

We just need the Pipeline view and generating an automatic quote at a specific stage, that's all. Customization was a problem in Microsoft Dynamics. It was hard to do tasks yourself, you needed Microsoft to help. The result was always something way more complicated than we actually needed. Our company is growing and we need to better work with our customers and follow what’s going on with them.

Kévin FosterInside Sales Representative at Gentec Electro-Optics

We have a competitive advantage by opting for a strong sales workflow because we are a mid-sized company with a tight-knit team of sales where everybody needs to put their own into the process. It is, therefore, necessary for us to have a tool such as Pipedrive with the concept of “owners and followers” to distinguish who does what. Our competitors may be using larger CRMs that are clunkier or messier. We strongly value having a clean interface and everything organized properly to gain an edge.

Kévin FosterInside Sales Representative at Gentec Electro-Optics

The solution

The clean, minimalistic look and feel of Pipedrive has allowed Gentec-EO to reliably organize contacts and deals between their salespeople without worrying about things falling through the cracks.

Document generation and mass emailing are much more natural and immediate thanks to the add-ons and integrations that are available with Pipedrive, such as Webmerge and Mailchimp.

The sales team can now filter contacts and attribute information to specific salespeople in Pipedrive, which feels much more logical and easier to work with than before. Searching for past emails and activities is painless thanks to the connection between deals, contacts and organizations.

As sales decisions take long periods of time, Pipedrive activities are a key component when it comes to handling a high volume of requests. With each request turning out to be very different, it is important to attach notes and schedule different follow-up activities. Pipedrive does this effortlessly, plus the pipeline overview helps give a good understanding of the actions that need to be done next.

The results

Between the ease of importing data from other software, visibility across all deals and contracts, and easy data entry, Gentec-EO has truly found a simple solution for all their CRM needs.

It’s a neat little cloud-based service that is smarter than you at categorizing information such as contacts and deals. It’s going to beat your old paper contacts files on every point. Cost is so affordable for what you get. Put simply, Pipedrive is the best CRM solution out there!

Kévin FosterInside Sales Representative at Gentec Electro-Optics

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