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How NJ Media pivoted into a new niche market and won 7 high-value clients

Latvian marketing agency NJ Media helps companies systematically attract new customers through paid advertising. They also market and sell their own infoproduct: a course on how to set up and manage Facebook ads and create funnels for the leads that come from them.

  • Industry: Agency/Consultancy
  • Location: Latvia
  • Integration: Zapier

With the help of Pipedrive, NJ Media identified a niche market that would bring high returns and found seven new high-value clients within that niche.


Reduction in the length of NJ Media’s sales process


Number of new high-value prospects they won


Number of team members using Pipedrive

The challenge

CEO Niks Jansons adopted and integrated Pipedrive at the start of 2019. Since the team has implemented an email automation, with personalized emails warming up prospects, they have shortened the sales process from 20-40 days to an average of just 11 days.

We send prospects emails to book a call with us, so that’s very useful. With personalization, it seems like I am sending the confirmation email myself to prospects. It helps us shorten the process.

Niks JansonsCEO

Now that I’m using Pipedrive, life without it would be hard. It’s easy to oversee, the reports are very good and the Zapier integrations are very good. One thing that I thought was pretty cool is when visitors sign up on our subscription landing page, they have the option of booking a strategy session with us. If they do this through Calendly, it will automatically move them to the corresponding stage of the process in Pipedrive.

Niks JansonsCEO

The solution

Niks checked out a lot of CRMs before ultimately settling on Pipedrive as it was the best for his needs.

Niks has integrated Pipedrive and Zapier together, and both with his subscription landing page, so that anyone who comes into his lead generation email flow is also tracked in Pipedrive. Depending on their reactions to the emails, leads are moved through the Pipedrive deals pipeline.

The results

Despite the global economic situation and thanks to their easily trackable and flexible sales process, NJ Media had a record month in April 2020. These results, in turn, helped give Niks and his team the confidence to expand globally into new markets.

With the help of Pipedrive’s analytics, Niks was able to identify their highest-value customer in Latvia and the industry this customer was in: forestry. From there, Niks and the team then targeted companies within this high-value industry and, by cold calling them, won seven new clients.

At the same time, they created a new website and company for the English-speaking market, which manages forestry companies’ online paid advertising campaigns: Grow Your Forestry.

A lot of clients were jumping off and deciding not to work with us because of the scarcity, or because they're scared of what could happen to the economy. However, this exodus gave us the opportunity to focus our time and energy on finding more profitable niches like forestry. The forestry market in America and Canada is huge! There we can be the best in the world in that niche.

Niks JansonsCEO

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