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Our Marketplace makes it easier than ever to explore, evaluate, and install apps to integrate with industry leading services. This awesome collection of apps will expand your selling capabilities in Pipedrive, giving you an enhanced experience that is fast, adjustable, and powerful.

The Pipedrive Marketplace features:

  • A growing catalogue of apps built to improve your sales
  • A superior browsing experience
  • Instant set-up thanks to one-click installation
  • A clear overview of your installed apps
  • Enhanced security and transparency with granular app permissions



Advanced scheduling software that acts like a personal assistant for your bookings, including sending automatic reminders and collect payment notices. Automatically sync details from new appointments booked in Acuity Scheduling to Pipedrive.


Aircall is a phone system that integrates with Pipedrive. It lets you call prospects from any of your Aircall numbers in one click and logs all your phone interactions in Pipedrive.


CallHippo is a cloud-based virtual phone system which provides local and toll free numbers for over 50 countries around the world. Their handy integration with Pipedrive allows users to make quick calls directly from their Pipedrive contacts and logs all call-related activity.


Get up to 50% more incoming sales calls from your website with an automated callback within 25 seconds – "wow effect" guaranteed! Callmaker automatically logs incoming phone leads in Pipedrive with call recordings and traffic sources. Increase your sales, analyze traffic sources and automate the process.


Fonreach is an all-in-one, browser-based call center and IP PBX service for sales, support, and marketing. Perfect for companies between 1 and 500 employees, our Pipedrive Integration makes sure all call recordings are assigned to Pipedrive activities and missed and connected calls are reported in Pipedrive. You will always know what and how calls were made your agents.

HappyFox Chat

Boost your sales pipeline by converting more website visitors to leads using HappyFox Chat. No more switching tabs between Pipedrive and live chat to get either your customer or your prospect’s previous deal history during a conversation. With this integration, you can fetch the latest data about deals while conducting a live chat.


Illumineto helps you find, package and personalize the delivery of content for your prospect and have all their actions automatically update your Pipedrive Deals or Contact records, giving you more time to sell and close deals.


Infobip SMS Notifier enables administrators to set automatic (scheduled) SMS messages triggered by various activities (events) within the Pipedrive platform. By sending text messages directly to a user’s mobile device, Infobip SMS offers Pipedrive users an additional channel to to receive notifications and reminders through in addition to emails.


Log all your calling activities, voicemails and call recordings in Pipedrive with JustCall, a cloud phone system integration that lets you call prospects. For each event (missed call, completed call or a voicemail), an activity is created and associated with your contacts. Your call recordings on JustCall are directly accessible in your Pipedrive account.


Kixie is a phone service for sales teams featuring a two-way Pipedrive integration. Level-up your sales process with one-click dialing, automatic call logging, lifetime call recordings, and intuitive sales metrics inside Pipedrive. Start making local or international calls in under 3 minutes.


All web visitors represent sales opportunities, which is why establishing contact and offering a supportive nudge using live chat can seriously boost revenue. Integrating LiveChat with Pipedrive allows you do just that, as well as collect and store valuable information on potential buyers. One click is all it takes to manage your people and deals directly from the LiveChat application.


Mixmax is an email productivity suite designed for the modern sales professional. Know exactly who interacts with your emails, create templates for your most effective messaging, and sync everything directly to Pipedrive. Now you can focus on closing sales, not logging activity.

Nectar Desk

With full-feature interactive phone system and call center software from Nectar Desk, you can create contacts and deals, add deal notes and automatically log calls or SMS messages in Pipedrive, and see caller information from Pipedrive on incoming calls.


Ottspott is a cloud voice communications and call center Slack app that integrates with Pipedrive. Users get call log activity (outbound calls, inbound calls, missed calls, voice mails) directly inside their Pipedrive account. They will also get a dedicated Slack channel on which they can collaborate on calls. The Ottspott Chrome extension allows Pipedrive users to use click to call for their sales outbound campaigns.


Unify all your customer communication into Slack! Interact with your leads and customers wherever they are (your site, Facebook page, Twitter page, iOS app, Android app, your mailbox, etc.) from a single point in space: Slack and automatically sync your activities and contacts into your Pipedrive!


Keep yourself and team up-to-date without having to schedule meetings or write lengthy emails or hunting down the sales rep. Search Pipedrive contacts, organizations and deals without leaving Slack.


Talkdesk offers browser-based call center software that can be deployed in 5 minutes. The integration allows you to update and create notes, contacts and activities in Pipedrive from Talkdesk so your entire team is always on the same page.


Synchronize Toky with Pipedrive for a web-based business phone solution that supports web calls, Facebook calls and regular phone calls. Create tickets with call events (outbound, inbound, missed, voicemail, SMS) attached to the contacts and deals.

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