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The only limit to the ways you can use Pipedrive is your imagination.
We partner with industry leading companies to ensure that the only limit to the ways you can use Pipedrive is your imagination. Whether you're seeking increased automation, enhanced reporting or want Pipedrive to work with other software you're already using, there's bound to be an integration that meets your needs.

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Email marketing:


Act-On Software is a marketing automation provider that enables marketers to create Adaptive Journeys™ using customer behaviors, preferences, and data to intelligently guide the engagement strategy. Using Act-On software with Pipedrive, sales and marketing teams can eliminate manual efforts and create alignment with a seamless data integration for automated lead management and personalized marketing campaigns.


Automatically send lead information to Pipedrive from ActiveConversion, the marketing automation platform for industrial companies. Seamlessly sync people, organizations, and owners identified in ActiveConversion to Pipedrive.


Drip is marketing automation that allows you to send personalized email campaigns to the right person at exactly the right time, calculating subscriber actions for lead score at the same time. The integration lets you send your hottest leads from Drip to Pipedrive, bringing your marketing and sales efforts together seamlessly.


Nurturing your pipeline leads into loyal customers while tracking real-time results is made simple with E-GOI. Automate your sales funnel with this easy-to-use omnichannel marketing automation platform that is perfect for email, SMS, push, voice, broadcast and drip campaigns. Attract, convert and retain now!


Create SMS, Email Campaigns or a mixture of both. Track every aspect of your email or SMS campaign. Enudge offers free unlimited contacts, unlimited emails, and Australian or American data storage as per your request. The Pipedrive integration syncs your contacts seamlessly with Enudge.


Mail2Easy: we mean it. With its unique and intuitive interface, Mail2Easy allows you to create multichannel and triggered email campaigns with just a few clicks and zero coding or programming skills. You can easily upload your email list from Pipedrive using any of your custom designed filters. Whether you choose to upload contacts on a daily or hourly basis, Mail2Easy keeps your lists perfectly synced on both platforms at all times.


Update your MailChimp lists directly from Pipedrive using custom filters to easily fine-tune your audience.


Mailjet is an all-in-one platform to create, send and track marketing and transactional emails that convert. Connect Pipedrive to Mailjet to automate ongoing contact synchronization, update contact data between Pipedrive and Mailjet and send personalized emails to nurture your leads.


Pipechimp syncs your contact persons with custom field data to MailChimp and brings contact persons' activities back to Pipedrive as notes and new deals. Your Pipedrive and MailChimp will work together as one sales machine. With Pipechimp you can react instantly when your clients and prospects are interested and ready to buy.


SharpSpring is a marketing automation platform designed to drive more leads, convert leads to sales, and optimize marketing spend. Its flexible platform and affordable pricing distinguish it from competitors and have made it one of the fastest growing marketing automation providers. Capture information on site visitors and create dynamic emails and landing pages to drive more leads to your Pipedrive sales pipeline.

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