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Our Marketplace makes it easier than ever to explore, evaluate, and install apps to integrate with industry leading services. This awesome collection of apps will expand your selling capabilities in Pipedrive, giving you an enhanced experience that is fast, adjustable, and powerful.

The Pipedrive Marketplace features:

  • A growing catalogue of apps built to improve your sales
  • A superior browsing experience
  • Instant set-up thanks to one-click installation
  • A clear overview of your installed apps
  • Enhanced security and transparency with granular app permissions



Creates an Asana task or project automatically when you start, close or move a deal to a selected stage in your sales pipeline. The seamless integration ensures an effortless flow of information between sales and other divisions of your organization.


Catalyst is a complete sales productivity solution that helps organizations boost their sales performance by driving engagement. Transparency and accountability in the KPI's are measured and analyzed. With this integration, Pipedrive customers can automate sales competitions, get real-time performance matrices and analytics, create transparency around the goal management process, and drive successful behaviors using gamification.

Google Maps

The Google Maps integration helps you plan your routes without ever having to leave the Pipedrive app. Filtering allows you to easily segment customers by city, state or country.


Livestorm is a webinar software that lives in your browser. It provides a full webinar package including real-time video on any device or browser, registration pages, email reminders, replays and more. Livestorm integrates with Pipedrive so you can send your leads automatically from your webinars to your CRM.


MRPEasy is powerful yet simple resource planning software for small and midsize manufacturers and distributors. It contains advanced stock, supply chain and production management. The integration automatically sends successful deals into MRPEasy for fulfillment: sell in Pipedrive and manage products in MRPEasy!


Rexpense is a robust expense management application that automates many business processes and, in doing so, reduces administrative efforts. When integrated with Pipedrive Activities, Rexpense can automatically generate pre-expenses every time a user adds an important activity to their pipeline.

Solar Monkey

Solar installers use Solar Monkey to remotely design PV-systems using state of the art combinations of aerial photographs and 3D-imagery. While already a stellar tool, Solar Monkey’s Pipedrive integration makes it even easier to fully optimize the unique business processes of solar installers.


talkSpirit is the ultimate communication and collaboration platform for your team and organization. With it`s nifty Pipedrive integration installed, you`ll be instantly informed about new deals and be able to monitor their progress. Using the Pipedrive bot, you can search for, create, update, and change the status of deals without leaving talkSpirit. Combined with Pipedrive, talkSpirit makes sharing and celebrating your success within your organization easier than ever.


The Pipedrive Power-Up automatically creates Trello cards when you start, close or move a deal to a selected stage in your sales pipeline. It also lets you pull deal information straight into Trello from Pipedrive, ensuring automatic and faultless information handover between sales and the rest of your organization.

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Apps & integrations