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Our Marketplace makes it easier than ever to explore, evaluate, and install apps to integrate with industry leading services. This awesome collection of apps will expand your selling capabilities in Pipedrive, giving you an enhanced experience that is fast, adjustable, and powerful.

The Pipedrive Marketplace features:

  • A growing catalogue of apps built to improve your sales
  • A superior browsing experience
  • Instant set-up thanks to one-click installation
  • A clear overview of your installed apps
  • Enhanced security and transparency with granular app permissions

Tracking and analytics:


Catalyst is a complete sales productivity solution that helps organizations boost their sales performance by driving engagement. Transparency and accountability in the KPI's are measured and analyzed. With this integration, Pipedrive customers can automate sales competitions, get real-time performance matrices and analytics, create transparency around the goal management process, and drive successful behaviors using gamification.


Dataiku provides the most productive predictive services development platform for data professionals -- from those just learning to analyze data to expert data scientists. This all-in-one platform, Data Science Studio (DSS), integrates the capabilities required to build and deploy end-to-end services that quickly turn raw data into business impacting predictions.


Domo allows users to integrate, collaborate, and visualize all of their important Pipedrive data alongside any other data source. Together, Domo and Pipedrive provide businesses with the insights needed to find answers to critical business questions and make faster better-informed decisions.


Dryrun is a cash flow and sales forecasting tool for small business. With the Pipedrive integration, you can import your deals into Dryrun to see your sales pipeline, forecast your cash flow, track expected close dates and see how your sales will impact your business.


Create SMS, Email Campaigns or a mixture of both. Track every aspect of your email or SMS campaign. Enudge offers free unlimited contacts, unlimited emails, and Australian or American data storage as per your request. The Pipedrive integration syncs your contacts seamlessly with Enudge.


Grow empowers businesses to become data-driven and accelerate growth with custom data dashboards. Grow is the simplest way to unite data from hundreds of sources like Pipedrive to other software.


Illumineto helps you find, package and personalize the delivery of content for your prospect and have all their actions automatically update your Pipedrive Deals or Contact records, giving you more time to sell and close deals.

Lead Liaison

Lead Liaison's marketing automation and website visitor tracking software provides valuable insight for sales teams and helps marketers convert more website visitors. Easily push new prospects from Lead Liaison to Pipedrive or use both companies' Zaps from Zapier to exchange data between platforms.


Mixmax is an email productivity suite designed for the modern sales professional. Know exactly who interacts with your emails, create templates for your most effective messaging, and sync everything directly to Pipedrive. Now you can focus on closing sales, not logging activity.


Plecto is a team motivation software that visualizes real-time sales data from Pipedrive. With Plecto, users can customize dashboards; recognize success with automated “win” notifications, milestone achievements and sales leaderboards; and energize their team to boost performance.


How many activities does it take to win a deal? How many deals did you close this month? What is the average deal size? Use Rasper to answer these important questions, monitor key metrics, and set up regular sales reporting alongside your pipeline.


An omnichannel analytics and communication platform, Ringostat provides one-click automatic creation of contacts, deals and organizations in Pipedrive. You can also track, log and record key sales calls and events with Ringostat, and send data such as traffic source, keyword searched and your comments directly to Pipedrive.

Ruler Analytics

Ruler Analytics adds multi-touch marketing attribution to your Pipedrive deals. The integration automatically detects form completions on your website, then sends them to Pipedrive along with valuable marketing source information such as channel, campaign, and keywords over multiple site visits.


Designed for Excel, the SeoTools integration allows you to import data, save templates, apply filters and select the statistics you want to analyze in a matter of seconds. If you need to evaluate your Pipedrive performance and like to work with Excel, this application is for you.


Close more deals by providing your sales team with insights from the top of the funnel to bottom-line revenue. Incorporate Pipedrive data into your business dashboards and get a detailed snapshot of your company sales. Access and visualize your data in minutes without needing to export/import data.


Set up sales and marketing automation in a few minutes using Triggerbee, Pipedrive and your email service. Triggerbee's real-time customer analytics makes it a breeze to track website events, form submissions and subscriber behavior, as simple automation flows create and update deals and move your prospects forward in your Pipedrive pipeline.


Sync Pipedrive with Woopra's real-time customer analytics. Improve sales and marketing alignment by automatically adding new signups to Pipedrive, tracking Pipedrive deal updates in your analytics and more.


Xplenty is a data delivery platform that allows organizations to easily integrate, transform, and process data from all of their major sources. With Xplenty, businesses can choose what data they want delivered, how they want it delivered, and when they want it delivered - with no set schedules, no bulk data and no working in the code. helps track activity in cloud accounts, so users maintain focus and save time. Yoke creates activity cards on an intelligent board, which provide a quick overview of the data and the option to click a card for more details on the cloud-based service's website. In Pipedrive, users can trace the following: 1) open activities, 2) open deals in a specific pipeline, and 3) open deals in a named filter.

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