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Automotive CRM systems for car sales

Pipedrive’s automotive CRM solution provides a seamless car sales and car buying experience. Approach and track new leads, nurture customers at every touchpoint and generate limitless sales opportunities.

What is an automotive CRM system?

Automotive CRM (customer relationship management) software enables you to create a delightful customer journey for buyers. Collect customer data, build trust with leads and measure performance to deliver the ultimate car dealership service.

Build a database of buyers

Car sales CRM software enables your dealership to collect and centralize customer data. Glean insights into buyer behavior and make informed, impactful decisions to drive your business strategy.

Automate manual tasks

Offload time-consuming tasks such as follow-up and reminder emails to your CRM. Free up your employees and allow them to dedicate energy to engaging customers and increasing company output.

Keep your customers informed

Meet your customers on the channels they frequent the most. Manage live chat, inbound calls and emails from a central platform. Communication has never been easier.

Optimize your sales efforts

Track AHT (average handling time) and monitor your sales reps’ customer calls. Identify and address areas for improvement and assemble an all-star sales department.

Nurture leads through the entire customer lifecycle

From qualifying leads, booking test drives, assessing finance options and taking care of after-sale service, your CRM will support customers at every stage of the buyer journey.

Collect valuable referrals

Generate feedback from your customers to understand how you can improve and display glowing customer testimonials on your landing pages. Turn happy customers into referrals without the legwork.

How a car sales CRM provides better buyer experiences

56% of car buyers struggle to find the right vehicle. When they do, 31% are irritated by price negotiations and haggling.

Modern automotive CRM software helps to alleviate the tedious aspects of car buying. With automation, sending appointment reminders and scheduling test drives are done on autopilot.

Pipedrive’s CRM software for car dealerships also makes it easier to find and engage with leads online months before they buy. Understanding what the customer is looking for will increase transparency—shortening the negotiation phase.

Designed to keep you selling

With several stages involved in the car buying process and plenty of leads to monitor, it’s easy to misplace vital information. This can cause mayhem for your business and result in a poor buying experience.

Delight your customers by overseeing every stage of the buying journey and maintaining contact through Pipedrive’s car dealer system. Supervise newly qualified leads as well as buyers, solve customer pain points and monitor your sales team’s performance.

Explore how Pipedrive can help you engage your leads and sell more cars

Increase efficiency with full transparency

Your business relies on teamwork to maintain a fast and reliable service. If your employees aren’t aligned, your customers will suffer for it.

Remove in-house communication and stress with our car dealership CRM system integrations. Pipedrive makes collaboration between reps easy and reduces confusion with automated emails, Slack notifications and document forwarding. Meanwhile, your sales team can spend their valuable time engaging with customers.

Discover how Pipedrive keeps your teams on track

Satisfy your customers from start to finish

Generating qualified leads and establishing trust is a priority for all car dealerships. If your reps are too slow responding to queries or following up with potential leads, your competitors will step in and entice customers away.

Get a competitive advantage by streamlining your communications into one connected hub. Pipedrive’s car sales CRM will empower your reps to quickly locate customers and reach out to them on a platform of their choosing.

Learn how Pipedrive keeps your customers informed

How does a dealership CRM work

Deploying the best automotive CRM for your business will streamline in-house operations, boost your customers’ satisfaction and increase your sales.

Selecting the right dealership CRM software will help you and your team:

  • Record customer journeys and identify key turning points for successful and lost sales
  • Make booking test drives a breeze with automated appointment setting and follow-up emails
  • Build and optimize your sales pipeline to fast-track your car selling process
  • Integrate with Zapier to build workflows across your dealership
  • Connect to platforms like Slack to ensure your teams are kept in the loop
  • Generate customer referrals and collect glowing reviews to build social proof

How to get started with your dealer CRM software

  • 1. Set up your lead management process

    Once you’ve opened your Pipedrive account, your sales pipeline will come to life in front of you. Here, you can freely design your sales process and create custom stages along the car-buying cycle.

    Easily customize individual workflows based on the stage of each lead. Monitor the progress of hot leads and attend to inactive ones. Never let a deal fall through the cracks.

  • 2. Direct customer inquiries to your CRM

    Your customers’ satisfaction is the lifeblood of your business. By keeping on top of inquiries from all angles, you’ll build a reliable and profitable reputation.

    Centralize your inquiry hub with Pipedrive’s LeadBooster add-on. Make it easy for leads to submit queries with embeddable web forms and chatbots loaded with FAQs. Automatically forward valuable data directly to your sales pipeline so your reps can take action when they’re available.

  • 3. Generate insightful reports

    Owning a successful car dealership requires your business to run like clockwork. Monitoring your reps’ performance, keeping tabs on sales cycle duration and spotting sources of inefficiency is paramount to maximizing your dealership’s car sales.

    Pipedrive’s detailed reporting will provide you with an aerial view of performance. Glean visual and compact insights with customizable reports and interactive dashboards. Empower your car dealership’s next move with an overview of win rates, revenue forecasts and individual channel reports.

  • 4. Connect Pipedrive to your dealership

    Every customer touch-point with your business is recorded, from a form filled out on your website to an enthusiastic lead enquiring about a new car.

    Keep on top of inquiries and assign tasks against consumer queries. Your reps will have an eagle-eye view of due dates and be empowered to engage with their customers. Streamline communication and satisfy car buyers with Pipedrive.

  • 5. Simplify your follow-ups

    Your reps are adept at closing deals. However, the need to send timely follow-up emails distracts them from focusing on new sales opportunities. Follow-up information is vital for interested car buyers, but manual processes take a toll on your reps.

    With Pipedrive’s CRM for the automotive industry, you can automate repetitive tasks with triggers and desired actions. Keep leads warm with automatic and personalized follow-up emails while enabling your reps to concentrate on high-priority tasks.

Automate your automotive workflows with our integrations

The right app integrations will enhance your dealership operation and drive car sales up. Protect your reps’ time and allow them to focus on delighting customers and closing deals.

Here are some Pipedrive app integrations that every automotive business can benefit from.


Your reps need to be synchronized when monitoring car sales. Pipedrive seamlessly integrates with slack so you can keep tabs on every lead.

Never miss a development with Pipedrive’s Dealbot for Slack integration.


Send texts and record calls with Kixie’s cloud-based solution. Intelligent auto-dialing will connect your car sales reps with up to 500% more prospects.

Automate your over-the-phone communication with Pipedrive and Kixie.


Your sales team needs a variety of quality insights to maintain revenue. Domo brings your data together, providing you with enhanced visibility over your car sales efforts.

Stay one step ahead at all times with Domo for Pipedrive.


Automatically send updates to car buyers via SMS and inform customers when their car is ready for collection, or they’re eligible for a test drive.

Simplify the communication process with our Textline and Pipedrive integration.


Accurately target website visitors and close car deals. Empower your reps to spend more time selling with automated sales tasks and weekly reports sent directly to your sales team.

Explore Pipedrive’s Triggerbee integration.

Autopilot Journeys

Buying a car is rarely a straightforward process. Assign leads based on buyer behavior and craft beautiful, personalized emails, SMS and even postcards to nurture your leads.

Communication is a breeze with Pipedrive and Autopilot Journeys.

Spend less time on admin and more time closing deals!