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Best CRM software for government

Get a comprehensive overview of your citizens, stakeholders and partners with the best CRM software for government from Pipedrive. Replace your outdated, inefficient systems with a platform that helps you automate your case management and secure more contracts.

What is a government CRM?

A CRM (customer relationship management) system for government agencies reduces manual admin and time-consuming operational tasks—empowering public servants to focus their energy on improving citizens’ daily lives.

You’ll also be able to create more meaningful and personalized communications with your stakeholders thanks to detailed insights and data offered by your CRM tools.

Run government agencies smoothly

Take the hassle out of administration with automated workflows, easy scheduling and inbuilt communications features

Secure more government contracts

Overhaul your procurement process and secure dependable income with a CRM that streamlines your pipeline

Improve your citizen service offerings

Use your CRM to set up self-service options for your communities to help them easily access information and advice at speed

Ensure you remain compliant

Store and protect personal data in line with privacy requirements

Future-proof your communications

Prepare your public sector business for the future with modern communication tools that help you automate, track and report on conversations

Reduce overall operations costs

Save money by combining data storage, security, workflow maintenance, communications and fund management all in one place

How government CRM software can help you better serve citizens

Whether you’re in federal, state, or local government, or part of a public sector agency, managing your stakeholders’ needs is a complex undertaking.

You need to communicate effectively with your community, pitch and maintain contracts, organize your staff and manage a multitude of sensitive data.

Pipedrive’s CRM for the public sector and government helps you create more meaningful interactions, oversee numerous inquiries and be confident in your compliance.

Understand your electorate

Gain insights into your citizens’ needs and activities. Customize your reports to learn exactly where you can improve your relationships with your electorate.

Insights from all your stakeholder channels are carefully organized and presented within Pipedrive, removing the guesswork from targeting.

Learn how to deep dive into your citizen data with Pipedrive

Improve your case management

Settle cases quickly by automatically categorizing inquiries and accessing the historical case data you need with ease.

Create a visual pipeline of your case management to identify bottlenecks and move cases to resolution. Your staff will have a clear overview of how every case is progressing and who is responsible for each touchpoint.

Find out how to visualize your pipeline with Pipedrive

Protect your citizen and staff data

Safeguard sensitive data about your citizens, stakeholders and staff with powerful protection settings.

Maintain peace of mind over when and how your data is being used by controlling login and visibility credentials to your CRM. Recognize suspicious devices and protect yourself with forced logouts.

Discover Pipedrive’s security functions

What to look for in a government CRM solution

Selecting the best CRM for government operations improves the way you connect with your citizens. Gain a clear overview of all your processes and simplify internal and external communications to carry out tasks more effectively.

Pipedrive’s CRM system allows you to go paperless with reliable cloud-based services. You can also visualize all your activities within one easy-to-use platform.


Offer self-service functions to help your constituents access important information and services. Help users connect with your government organization through personalized citizen portals.

Transparent communication

Create a culture of regular, transparent communications thanks to template integrations, automated email and SMS campaigns and built-in call center functionality.

Holistic view

Consolidate all your data from individual citizens, government contract holders, staff, partners and stakeholders to gain a holistic view of your public sector organization.

How does a CRM for the government work?

Serving your citizens, maintaining stakeholder relationships and supporting your staff requires top-notch organization.

Pipedrive’s CRM for government and the public sector streamlines your administration and helps you operate more efficiently with your staff and electorate alike:

  • Build a pipeline to fit your inquiry process and streamline case management
  • Get an overview of every stakeholder and their communication history
  • Integrate with popular tools used in government agencies and modernize your workflow
  • Automate community updates via email, SMS and apps to keep every citizen informed
  • Manage your funds from donors to government contracts transparently and securely
  • Schedule and amend more meetings without having to switch tools

How to set up your government CRM software

  • 1. Integrate contact forms to your CRM
  • 2. Organize your stakeholders with custom fields
  • 3. Create automated campaigning mailouts
  • 4. Book more appointments without the stress

Make your government services more efficient with integrations

Build your government CRM with powerful integrations. Streamline your workflows, operate an online call center and sign more contracts with Pipedrive.

Here are some essential integrations that every public sector organization can benefit from.


Zapier supports thousands of the most popular apps, like Gmail, Slack and Todoist. Set up automation in minutes to turn your Pipedrive CRM into your public sector workflow hub.

Automate with Pipedrive’s Zapier integration.


Generate documents with eSigning functionality that can manage your entire contract cycle in a single tool. Customize new documents easily from a library of templates and then send them directly from within Pipedrive.

Learn about Pipedrive’s PandaDoc integration.


Create a real-time call center within your government CRM system. Automatically log calls and direct them to the right team member. Access relevant on-screen contact information as you speak.

Stay connected with Pipdrive’s Aircall integration.


Build online forms with no coding knowledge necessary. Choose from a library of free templates or design your own. MightyForms helps you create contact forms, form applications, surveys, payment forms and more.

Discover Pipedrive’s MightyForms integration.


Easily schedule meetings across your organization and manage citizen appointments in one place. EasyCalendar syncs with Pipedrive to add notes, activities, appointment updates and new contacts.

Schedule smartly with Pipedrive’s EasyCalendar integration.


Asana is one of the web’s most successful project management tools. With the Pipedrive-Asana integration, you can connect your teams on both, select default assignees and adjust task details with ease.

Find out about Pipedrive’s Asana integration.

Spend less time on admin and more time supporting citizens!