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Pipedrive webinars

Maximize your sales engine

Make the most of your sales software

Tune in to our upcoming webinar to discover how Pipedrive’s tools – LeadBooster and Smart Docs – can be used in tandem to maximize your lead generation and streamline your document processing, helping you seal deals faster.

Date: 13.07.2022

Hosts: Veronika Danielová, Jessica Stacey

Close more deals with LeadBooster and Smart Docs

Make the most of your sales tools.

Disclaimer: Please note the promotion does not apply to existing LeadBooster users.


Smart Docs helped Redlist boost ARR by over 200%

Using Smart Docs templates drastically reduced the time it took Redlist to build a proposal from several hours to under 15 minutes, saving each salesperson a whole working day’s worth of time per week.

Combing Smart Docs with Pipedrive’s intuitive automation tools saw Redlist grow rapidly, leading to an explosive annual recurring revenue (ARR) increase of over 200% in 2021.