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Smart Docs helped Redlist become more efficient and hit a near 200% increase in ARR

Utah-based Redlist provides cloud-based operational management software for heavy industry, with a comprehensive list of features to ensure businesses get the right people on the right equipment in the right place at the right time.

Redlist’s software helps manage equipment, tracking repairs, costs, asset performance and compliance as well as helping project managers oversee projects.

  • Industry: SaaS
  • Location: USA
  • Key feature: Smart Docs add-on

Since adopting Pipedrive’s Smart Docs tool, Redlist has seen a reduction in human errors, thanks to Smart Docs’ auto-filling custom fields. Here are some more benefits the adoption of Smart Docs has had to Redlist:

1 day

Every rep now saves a day’s worth of time per week


More activities, from 50 per rep each day to 200-300


In 2021, Redlist achieved an over 200% increase in ARR

Redlist needed a new proposal creation process

Redlist previously repurposed Canva to design their proposal documents. However, the team were soon running into problems that affected the productivity of their salespeople and the quality and accuracy of the proposal documents being sent out to clients.

With each proposal taking up to three hours to draft and send out, and each salesperson sending three-to-four proposals per week, a huge amount of time was spent purely on writing these documents, taking focus away from sales.

Without the ability to auto-fill fields in their templates, Redlist salespeople were having to manually enter text and data, creating several opportunities to introduce human error.

When Robert Williams joined as Head of Sales in May 2021, he quickly realized that they needed a better solution for writing proposals. He wanted to free up the sales staff from basic admin so they could focus on their sales activities.

We were using Canva to produce a document, which was taking a tremendous amount of time, and then the sales team were dumping that into DocuSign to send out for signatures.

Robert WilliamsHead of Sales

One of the things I looked at was how I could standardize the process; how I could make it more efficient and faster so that we could present consistently, get the right numbers in there and have a really quick turnaround.
Now my salespeople don’t have to go out of Pipedrive to do things in many cases. They can pretty much live in Pipedrive and their Outlook. Doing it the old way was prone to errors. With Smart Docs, I can just build the details we need and I don’t have to worry about my salespeople mistyping something.

Robert WilliamsHead of Sales

How Smart Docs provided the solution Redlist needed

When Williams joined the team, Redlist was already using Pipedrive, but the team hadn’t fully explored many of the features and add-ons available.

Before turning to third-party options, Williams explored which Pipedrive tools could replace Canva, which was when he discovered Smart Docs.

Thanks to Smart Docs’ intuitive interface, Williams was able to set up templates for his team quickly and efficiently. Williams soon realized his team could save a vast amount of time by switching to Smart Docs and utilizing the powerful auto-populating options that pulled directly from their Pipedrive database.

Time saved with Smart Docs boosts productivity and revenue

With Smart Docs templates in place, the time it took Redlist to build a proposal drastically reduced from several hours to under 15 minutes. Every week, each salesperson was now saving a whole working day’s worth of time.

Reps were able to focus more time on their sales activities, taking their average activities from around 50 to 200-300 per day, thanks to Smart Docs and Pipedrive’s automation tools.

The improvement in efficiency has helped Redlist to grow rapidly. Redlist saw its annual recurring revenue (ARR) grow over 200% in 2021. Since October 2021, Redlist has seen $3.5 million added to its pipeline and hit $2 million ARR in March 2022.

Based on the success they’ve had with Pipedrive so far, Redlist is looking to expand its use of Pipedrive into other areas of the business, allowing all 21 Redlist team members using Pipedrive to have clear communication through the platform.

We use Pipedrive entirely for our CRM. We use a lot of tools within Pipedrive. I’ve built full outbound prospecting cadences based on workflow automations. We use it to manage everything from outbound prospecting to managing our main sales pipeline, to managing our customer renewal pipeline.
Right now, we’ve got about seven salespeople and they’re all sending between three and four proposals a week. Do the math, even if it’s only saving us two hours per, that’s a whole extra day I’m getting out of the guys for each person on the team, so each week I’m gaining a week’s worth of productivity.

Robert WilliamsHead of Sales

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