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How DashThis Account Managers Created an Unbeatable Customer Experience

DashThis provides easy-to-use digital marketing reporting dashboards for digital marketers and agencies. The software is carefully designed to simplify the marketing manager’s job as much as possible. Instead of spending hours trawling through data across multiple sources, DashThis arranges all of your most important marketing information into one automated digital reporting tool.

Simplicity and customer friendliness runs through the veins of everything DashThis does as an organization. Their product is designed to make life easier for their users.

“DashThis is a software as a service company but the service part of the job is just as serious to the team as the software part.” - Marie, Content Marketing and Communications Specialist at DashThis

Customer satisfaction should be a critical priority for any business looking to scale fast. And not just post-purchase. Your product won’t sell itself.

People buy from people, and if you want to dominate your competition and scale your acquisition - you need to create a superior experience for your prospects and leads as well as your customers.

How DashThis built their sales team with a customer-first philosophy

When DashThis was first created, there were no account managers. Instead, founder Stéphane Guérin and the rest of the founding team answered all of the clients’ questions. Like any other startup founder, Stéphane worked around the clock trying to manage inquiries and close deals.

With success, this process becomes a nightmare. Inevitably, the number of clients, leads and prospects increases. DashThis was growing, and a one-man-band sales process wasn’t sustainable.

Since this time DashThis has been adding account managers to their growing sales team to make sure leads and clients enjoy the best possible experience with the brand.

These account managers handle the following traditional sales tasks simultaneously:

  • Managing current customer accounts
  • Qualifying new leads
  • Analyzing potential new client fit
  • Onboarding new clients

But a DashThis account manager’s role doesn’t stop when the deal is sealed. They also provide support whenever clients need questions or troubleshooting. The team is always on hand to give expert advice, and teach best practices for digital marketing reporting to help clients maximize their performance.

These additional tasks are critical. By increasing client satisfaction with these value-adds, DashThis are able to boost retention rates and build another barrier against churn.

From a customer relationship management perspective, this ongoing relationship between client and account manager is vital. Clients are in contact with the exact same person at all times. DashThis can develop rapport, establish trust, and build the kind of lasting relationships that are almost impossible for competitors to threaten.

DashThis knows that people buy from people, so they crafted a sales process specifically designed to nurture and manage lasting customer relationships.

If you have long-term client relationships, you should use the DashThis story as inspiration. Don’t just structure your sales process to close your initial deal. Manage holistically. Growth depends on recurring revenue and retaining customers (and increasing their regular spend) can be so much easier than constantly striving to find and convert new leads.

Why DashThis chose Pipedrive to start fast and scale up over time

When the first few account managers arrived to support the founding team, DashThis was using an internal CRM.

When the business was smaller, the team could manage the smaller scale with this process. As DashThis started to scale up, new sales and support roles developed, meaning the bigger team needed a centralized sales hub to manage all of their data.

“We definitely needed something better. We immediately knew that Pipedrive was the CRM we needed. Many of our salespeople had already worked with the tool in previous jobs, and they were all convinced that Pipedrive was the right solution for their needs.” - Alexandra, DashThis

As a fairly young company with a brand new account management department, DashThis needed a CRM that was easy to implement. The team wanted to avoid the weeks of training or expensive consultants needed to set them up with more complicated alternatives. The team needed to be able to jump in and start using right away.

“Before choosing Pipedrive, we did our homework and evaluated other CRMs. Some of them were big names, others were smaller, but in the end they were all either too costly, much harder to implement, or both. Pipedrive checked all our boxes, so we set it up in no time." - Alexandra.

There were five key characteristics of Pipedrive that suited us more than any other option:

  1. Simple to use
  2. Efficient
  3. Quick to set-up
  4. Customizable to our sales process
  5. Capable of evolving at the same pace as our company”

-Alexandra, Product Specialist at DashThis

The team also knew they needed a CRM to grow with the business. On one hand, the team needed a simple tool to focus their efforts and help them scale fast, but equally, DashThis needed a solution to manage long-term, high-value customer relationships well into the future at a time when the team may have doubled or tripled in size.

“Pipedrive was the perfect tool for a growing business like ours with really big ambitions. We needed something simple and efficient. Not only that, but since our company was evolving quickly, it had to be able to grow with us and fit our changing needs.” - Alexandra.

How to manage time efficiently (and never miss another follow-up)

DashThis have a dedicated account manager for each DashThis software user, no matter if they’re just trying the tool or if they’ve been a client for years. This high-involvement service approach can be a real challenge, especially from a sales and customer success perspective.

You can imagine how many conversations, requests, and inquiries each Account Manager would have for multiple clients.

Forgetting to follow-up with a user is a real possibility - but this can have catastrophic consequences. Neglecting to send a proposal could allow a competitor to swoop in and close a deal. Delays in responding to a client’s problem could be the difference between retention and churn.

DashThis needed supportive software to help prioritize these sales activities so Account Managers could concentrate on their client relationships - not on organizing data.

You can see why a tool like Pipedrive was so helpful for the DashThis team. The ability to rely on the Contacts Timeline feature to simply automate follow-ups and efficiently prioritize which activities a user should take at any given time is an invaluable time-saver.

“With Pipedrive, I can create activities that not only act as reminders, but also as tools to sort the actions I have to take for each lead. I also love the option of creating different pipes for each of my sales objectives and needs. It gives an easy visualization of the tasks to come and helps me prioritize what I need to get through during the day! - Marie-Claude, Account Manager at DashThis.

6 critical sales management tasks that DashThis automate with Pipedrive

Pipedrive helps everyone in the DashThis accounts team to manage their time on a daily basis. We asked the team to pinpoint the most important and common ways DashThis use their CRM:

  • Minimize administrative workload
  • Schedule follow-ups
  • Sort actions that need to be taken for each lead
  • Visualize the work to come
  • Have a better sales forecast
  • Prioritize our leads and tasks for the day

“We lean on Pipedrive to make sure no clients are left behind and that we can give our 100% everyday. It helps us accomplish every task in a timely manner, which our customers genuinely appreciate. This timeliness is a significant contribution to our retention rates and at the end of the day, Pipedrive nudges our team along to eventually achieve our goals.” - Alexandra, Product Specialist at DashThis.

How Pipedrive fosters proactive improvements to the DashThis sales process

DashThis establishes multiple sales pipelines in order to:

  • help qualify a lead
  • analyze their needs
  • determine the funnel a lead should go through to become a client

Account managers can then make sure they accomplish every step they need to transform potential leads into customers. Pipedrive features like the fully customizable sales pipelines, the intuitive drag-and-drop interface, the simple task manager, and helpful activity notifications really help the team hit quotas within their sales cycle on a daily basis.

''Pipedrive really ensures that I keep up the pace when trying to close a deal. With their very nice workflows, I see what actions I need to take in order to sign-up a client, and I never forget to follow-up with them. No leads are left behind! We have to give thanks to Pipedrive for helping us so much with this.'' - Gabriel, Account Manager at DashThis.

Gabriel, DashThis account manager

How Pipedrive helps to offer a personalized experience for DashThis customers

Having a reliable timeline of interactions with all of your prospects, leads, and customers make your job so much easier.

DashThis integrates a collection of other tools within Pipedrive, like Help Scout and Intercom, which means they are able to efficiently track every step a client has been through, and every interaction that was made. No more back and forth between different platforms to know your client’s history!

This means DashThis can see what problem a user might have encountered in the past and what solution was provided. If the same problem reoccurs, or if the client experiences some new issues - the team can adapt their response to make sure the client is happy and satisfied.

“For me, not a single day goes by without using Pipedrive! This tool is not only useful, it’s necessary for the quality of my work. It helps me remember what actions I need to do in order to close a deal. Being able to efficiently adapt our service to each individual client not only impacts the quality of our customer service on a daily basis, but ultimately, our churn rate and conversion rate.” - Laury, Account Manager at DashThis.

Laury, DashThis account manager

DashThis can find and share critical customer information with ease

Pipedrive also helps to simplify the communication between the team’s account managers.

They can easily share useful information in one organized and shared hub, dispatching related tasks and assigning them to other users with ease.

“It saves us an incredible amount of time. Everything we need to know is at the same place. The information is easy to access and available for all our account managers. Unlike other CRMs, it’s so easy to add comments and information about a client’s account; our account managers really make sure that all the information is added and available at all times. They gladly enter all the data in the tool, since it’s fast and easy to do so!” - Alexandra

DashThis has also been pleasantly surprised at the troubleshooting capabilities of Pipedrive. Account managers can deal with otherwise complicated problems quickly and proactively.

“For example, if we have a client that has a technical issue with the tool, it can be transferred in no time to our technical expert, who will have all the data already in the customer’s file." - Alexandra.

Afterward, if the account manager wants to see if a discount can be applied for this client, the information can be easily transferred to management.

And, if years later we wonder why this customer has a special price for their account, we’ll know why in seconds.

"No need to go ask someone and wait for an answer, if this client’s account manager is on vacation or doesn’t work here anymore, the information is still easily accessible. It saves us time, energy and virtually eradicates misunderstandings." - Alexandra.

We’re proud to help power DashThis to new heights (but we want you to be our next success story!)

For a growing company like DashThis, the flexibility and customization options that Pipedrive offers are really important.

If your team is growing fast and you need to focus your team on the right sales activities at the right time - Pipedrive is the sales CRM to help you scale fast.

“Having an increasing revenue growth over the past years, we need a tool that is not only useful for us now, but that can grow with us and help us every step of the way. With Pipedrive, the sky’s the limit; we are not afraid to grow, because we know we’ll have an efficient structure to back us and help us give our clients an out-of-this-world customer service!” - Alexandra

We can’t thank DashThis enough for their loyalty, support, and inspiring story! All of us here at Pipedrive are excited to follow their rocket ship and with their brilliant team, we’re pretty confident those people are headed for some seriously good times ahead.

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