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How DashThis account managers created an unbeatable customer experience

DashThis provides easy-to-use digital marketing reporting dashboards for digital marketers and agencies. By integrating Pipedrive, DashThis account managers were able to create an unbeatable customer experience.

  • Industry: SaaS/Startup
  • Location: Canada
  • Key feature: Custom fields

The challenge

When DashThis was first created, there were no account managers. Instead, founder Stéphane Guérin and the rest of the founding team answered all the clients’ questions. Like any other startup founder, Stéphane worked around the clock trying to manage inquiries and close deals.

The more successful DashThis became, the harder it was for the founders to manage their workload.

Account managers were added to DashThis’s growing sales team to make sure leads and clients enjoyed the best possible experience with the brand. However, they needed a way to stay organized so that they could manage and manage lasting customer relationship.

Account managers handle traditional sales tasks, but a DashThis account manager’s role doesn’t stop when the deal is sealed. They also provide support whenever clients need questions or troubleshooting. The team is always on hand to give expert advice and teach best practices for digital marketing reporting to help clients maximize their performance. These additional tasks are critical. By increasing client satisfaction with these value-adds, we are able to boost retention rates and build another barrier against churn. From a customer relationship management perspective, this ongoing relationship between client and account manager is vital. Clients are always in contact with the exact same person, helping to develop rapport, establish trust and build the kind of lasting relationships that are almost impossible for competitors to threaten.

Stéphane GuérinFounder

Pipedrive really ensures that I keep up the pace when trying to close a deal. With their very nice workflows, I see what actions I need to take in order to sign-up a client and I never forget to follow-up with them. No leads are left behind! We have to give thanks to Pipedrive for helping us so much with this.

GabrielAccount Manager at DashThis

The solution

As a fairly young company with a brand-new account management department, DashThis wanted a CRM that was easy to implement, customizable and able to grow with the business.

They needed a simple tool to focus their efforts and help them scale fast, but equally, DashThis the solution they chose had to help them manage long-term, high-value customer relationships well into the future.

DashThis have a dedicated account manager for each DashThis software user, no matter if they’re just trying the tool or if they’ve been a client for years. This high-involvement service approach can be a real challenge, especially from a sales and customer success perspective.

DashThis needed supportive software to help prioritize these sales activities so Account Managers could concentrate on their client relationships, not on organizing data.

The results

Pipedrive helps everyone in the DashThis accounts team to manage their time. Account managers can then make sure they accomplish every step they need to transform potential leads into customers.

DashThis integrates a collection of other tools with Pipedrive, like Help Scout and Intercom, which means they can efficiently track every step a client has been through and every interaction.

This means DashThis can see what problem a user might have encountered in the past and what solution was provided. If the same problem reoccurs, or if the client experiences some new issues, the team can adapt their response to make sure the client is happy and satisfied.

Pipedrive also helps to simplify the communication between the team’s account managers. They can easily share useful information in one organized and shared hub, dispatching related tasks and assigning them to other users with ease.

For me, not a single day goes by without using Pipedrive! This tool is not only useful, it’s necessary for the quality of my work. It helps me remember what actions I need to do in order to close a deal. Being able to efficiently adapt our service to each individual client not only impacts the quality of our customer service on a daily basis, but ultimately, our churn rate and conversion rate.

LauryAccount Manager at DashThis

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