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How Advanced Stem Cell Institute Uses Automation to Convert 89% of People Who Have Received Treatment Recommendations

  • Since they integrated Pipedrive and Textline, Advanced Stem Cell Institute is converting 89% of patients who have already received treatment recommendations
  • If the company has scheduled a patient for a consultation but is yet to make a recommendation, conversion rate is still high at 68%
  • The company is better able to manage its 3,300 patients on Pipedrive and can contact them with appointment information and updates easily with Textline

Before adopting and integrating Pipedrive and Textline, the team at Los Angeles-based non-invasive therapy providers Advanced Stem Cell Institute were struggling to manage and contact their patients. Now, the company is contacting over 25 patients a day and has a conversion rate of 89% for patients who have received treatment recommendations.

The Advanced Stem Cell Institute offers regenerative medicine therapy options as an alternative to surgery to those patients who qualify. From orthopedic issues to some systemic and neurological conditions, the Advanced Stem Cell Institute helps patients manage their conditions.

The non-invasive therapy experts have integrated their Pipedrive Professional plan with business text messaging platform Textline, which is available through the Pipedrive Marketplace.

The challenges Advanced Stem Cell Institute faced before the integration

Before moving to Pipedrive in March 2019, the team was using Excel spreadsheets to manage patient and prospective patient data, which made it hard for them to keep track of what stage each contact was in.

They decided to move their patient management process onto Pipedrive, which they found very customizable, and haven’t looked back.

“You can understand how going from spreadsheets, with errors made very easily between columns, to Pipedrive is night and day,” says Erez Illouz, Treatment Coordinator & Regenerative Medicine Consultant.

However, it was still a challenge to keep in touch with patients as they were using a phone solution that didn’t integrate with Pipedrive and didn’t allow for easy communication.

“Entering patient information into three different account services. Ugh! It was so annoying,” explains Erez. “Having to go to the other text service website and scrolling to find the patient we needed to message was taking too much time.”

“The biggest problem was not connecting with patients when they’re at work or anywhere they cannot be on the phone. A large portion of our patients prefer text messaging instead of a phone call.”

Integrating Pipedrive and Textline for the ideal solution

In August 2019, Advanced Stem Cell Institute discovered the Pipedrive integration with Textline.

“The other phone solutions company updated their operations to adapt to the times, but we found the Pipedrive-Textline integration and now we are happy!” Exclaims Erez.

“As soon as we switched from our other texting app, we were able to see everything through Pipedrive. This helped our staff save time and, even better, schedule messages. This was very important as some staff were on the clock super early or after hours.

“Scheduling messages was also a way to avoid “forgetting” to send a reminder message or confirmation to the patient when we are extremely busy. When we downloaded the app to our company cell phone, we never missed replying to a patient that sent information after hours. This was a great way to stay in touch with patients on weekends if they’d reach out. It’s been very convenient for patients who are at work and prefer texting versus a phone call.”

“We can see everything in one place. That was enough of a reason to use Textline with Pipedrive.”

The integration also enables Erez and the team to reach out to customers at the right times and in the right way.

“To me, being able to schedule a message is the most important feature. On days when I’m in well before we open, I use the feature for each correspondence. When we receive an email or voice message from a new patient, sometimes they have special requests to “not contact before X o’clock” which allows us to prevent sending a message too early or too late. Sending file attachments to patients is also very important.

“Textline lets us do that with ease. When a patient needs to send us any type of document or images, they can reply to our text no different than when texting a family member.”

And, thanks to the Pipedrive integration, all these interactions are recorded alongside the patient’s details.

How the team is automating and improving their processes

As well as the integration with Textline, which is HIPAA compliant, Advanced Stem Cell Institute has also benefited from a number of Pipedrive’s native features, particularly Workflow Automation.

“The workflow automation is amazing. New deals, confirmed bookings, setting reminders, sending messages. Sometimes you don’t want the staff to think; just do. Pipedrive helps staff stay on track with activity reminders.”

“My favorite feature is pinning a note to a deal. This eliminates staff members from saying “I didn’t know” if they have not reviewed the changelog notes. Especially if a family member is contacting us on behalf of the patient. We want to address the correct person every time.

“The automation via Pipedrive is A+. I can say for a fact that Pipedrive automation has helped us reach out to about 25 more patients per day.”

Erez is also quick to praise Pipedrive’s intuitive pipeline and dashboards.

“Pipedrive has such a clean appearance. There were no more “I think I typed it in the wrong column” or “ How far along is the patient?” worries.”

How Pipedrive’s features have made an impact

Pipedrive helps the company close deals with less stress.

“There is no more searching through spreadsheets or scrolling and scrolling for contact information,” reveals Erez. “We currently have over 3,300 patients in our Pipedrive account and using the filters has been key to finding patients with specific conditions we need to follow up with regularly.

“When staff need to focus on calling the patients in our other office locations, Pipedrive filters help us focus on the “region” and contact at least double what we would have contacted before.”

When it comes to patients that have specific conditions or symptoms, Erez and the team are able to contact all or most of them during their shift. They have set up Pipedrive filters so that specific members of staff can focus on contacting patients with certain conditions or problem areas, such as all those who require treatment for their right knee or all those needing it for their left shoulder.

Pipedrive and the integration with Textline have also boosted the team’s conversion rates.

“Once we’ve scheduled a patient for a consultation, our conversion rate is 68%. Some patients do not qualify past this point. For the ones that do, after they have received their treatment recommendations our conversion rate is 89%”, says Erez.

“This could not be done without Pipedrive helping us sort our leads, automatically schedule activity reminders and keep our staff on track to not lose any details for each patient during the process.”

If you want to find out how Pipedrive’s Professional plan can help you improve your processes and reduce hours spent on admin, try Pipedrive free.

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