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How Big Dog Solar Grew Revenue by 40% with the Help of Pipedrive Professional

  • Upgrading to Pipedrive’s Professional tier gave Big Dog Solar the sales data visibility they needed to hone their sales process
  • Their revenue has increased 40% since they started using Pipedrive to its full potential
  • One individual rep has more than tripled his sales with Pipedrive, but all their 24 team members using it have seen benefits

With Pipedrive as the cornerstone of the company’s drive to improve its sales, marketing and customer management processes, solar panel installation company Big Dog Solar has seen considerable growth in revenue over the last year. After adopting Pipedrive into his process, one rep, in particular, has upskilled to become a star salesperson.

Idaho-based solar panel installation company Big Dog Solar offers its customers a comprehensive service, taking them through the process of sales, property validation, installation and aftercare.

“There’s a lot of solar companies around the globe and around the United States,” Big Dog Solar’s Digital Marketing Director Mitch Workman tells us. “A small percentage of them do everything from A to Z in terms of designing the systems, getting them permitted and ready to install, doing that install, and then sorting out maintenance and the warranty service down the line—we are one of those companies.”

All these different touchpoints lead to a complex sales process, so in order to improve operations and grow, the team knew that they needed to find the right tool to help them convert new leads and maintain good communication with their existing customers.

“We have years of labor and product warranty to stand behind after the installations, so we need to maintain a good connection with our customers,” explains Mitch.

An employee who had since left the company introduced Pipedrive in 2019, but adoption had not been widespread. In 2020, as a growth plan was being laid out, Pipedrive entered the conversation.

Growth fueled by sales data

Big Dog Solar knew that they’d need better data about their sales practices to understand what techniques were working best for them and which sources were generating the best leads—but their solution also needed to be easy to use.

The Big Dog Solar marketing team had previously attempted to help the sales team onto the tool they were using, but the steep learning curve and intimidating layouts had prevented progress.

“The other CRM tool seemed like it muddied the water and it wasn’t as clean and intuitive for the sales team.”

What both teams needed was software that provided visibility into the success of their various sales and marketing processes, while also being simple enough for reps to pick up and use.

big dog solar installation

Easy access to performance metrics

Big Dog Solar had originally invested in one seat of Pipedrive’s Essential plan in early 2019. After stepping up their subscription to the Professional tier, they began using the powerful features Pipedrive offered:

“Being able to create additional dashboards and things within our Insights reports so that we could get different views for different user types and groups, that was the primary reason [for the upgrade]. There were a few other secondary reasons, like being able to create separate groups and some of the security features.”

“We wanted to have a dashboard that had a few different reports, all of which were relevant to how the leads were coming in and from what sources and how those panned out into appointments,” says Mitch. “We wanted to have visibility on the different layers of how things were happening and where the bottlenecks were—those kinds of reports have become really insightful and valuable for us.”

Another benefit Big Dog Solar found was the ability to add integrations from the Pipedrive Marketplace to tailor their CRM experience to their needs.

“There’s a few in there I guess you could say I’m salivating over,” reveals Mitch. “The one we’ve been using recently is Sakari, a text messaging SMS extension integration. We use that one pretty heavily. We were using a different SMS tool but it had to be connected through Zapier, and any time you can connect more directly it’s a little easier, so that’s been a nice one.”

Translating data into results

Since making their push to improve their sales and marketing processes, Big Dog Solar has seen growth increase by 40%, with Mitch saying that Pipedrive has been integral to that. Now, 24 team members are on the tool.

“Pipedrive has been the keystone, because it’s enabled us to keep track of everything from visibility and management but also add the reps and keep track of their prospects a little better.”

Even the team members who are using a few of Pipedrive’s features and still getting to grips with the tool have seen benefits, but the impact on one individual rep (who wasn’t very experienced in using software) has been particularly impressive.

“It has been remarkable to see how much growth he has had as a salesperson—just the revenue and the deals he has been able to close,” Mitch says. “It has set a pattern and proved the concept to some of the other people who were less eager to jump into technology and CRMs.

“It’s proven the concept that even a little bit of work and oversight in Pipedrive can exponentially help you manage your business and grow your sales numbers.”

If you’re interested in seeing what Pipedrive can do for you, you can try Pipedrive free for 14 days and even choose to start on the Professional plan. If you’re a Pipedrive user and looking to get the most out of the CRM, read more about your options on our pricing page.

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