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Optimize your Chatbot playbooks with three new LeadBooster analysis functions

Chatbot Leadbooster analysis functions

Exciting news for LeadBooster users: We’ve recently added new analysis functionality to LeadBooster’s Chatbot, allowing you to track where your leads are coming from and at which stage they drop off. To make sure you don’t drop the ball on your next deal, you can now also store valuable data from unfinished conversations with potential leads.

Track source URL

You can now find out which of your website’s pages a lead was on when they interacted with your chatbot, converted and shared their information.

This valuable data could inform you:

  • What product or feature they’re looking for

  • What content they have read and what they’re interested in

  • Which pages are converting the most leads and how you could improve other pages to perform

You can save the source page URL as a custom field in the Leads Inbox.

Chatbot save source page URL as a custom field.

View question drop-off data

Sometimes, one question is all that stands between a prospect and a lead. With Chatbot’s improved reporting feature, LeadBooster users can see statistics for each card in a chosen Chatbot playbook.

This lets you identify which questions cause prospects to drop off. You can use this update to remove questions that interfere with your lead flow.

Store valuable data from unfinished leads

Even though analyzing the questions in your playbook will help you optimize your chatbot, web visitors will still drop out of conversations without converting to leads.

Now, if a website visitor shares their email address and phone number with your chatbot, this information will be stored even if they end the chat early or go idle in the conversation for too long.

This functionality marks all unfinished leads in your Leads Inbox or deals pipelines as “unfinished” so it’s easy to create a filter – you can select to have them saved as leads or deals.

All these functions are available to LeadBooster users. If you aren’t a LeadBooster user and want to find out how you can start converting more leads automatically, read our feature page on the lead generation software.

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