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How Expanish Has Used Pipedrive and Automate.io to Streamline their Sales Process and Double Their Conversion Rate

  • Expanish’s sales and marketing team are saving four hours a day thanks to Pipedrive and Automate.io
  • The three-person sales team is now able to consolidate, segment and follow up on the 600 website leads they get every month
  • Their conversions doubled from 15% to 30% after setting up email automations to Pipedrive contacts using Automate.io

Language school Expanish was struggling to manage the number of leads coming through their website. By using Automate to integrate Pipedrive with a number of other apps, Expanish’s sales and marketing team has been able to cut down on their time and focus more on selling.

Expanish is a Spanish school located in Barcelona and Buenos Aires. They offer fun and effective Spanish immersion programs, student housing, cultural classes, activities and volunteering opportunities to travelers from around the globe. Due to COVID-19, they’ve also started online courses and a two-week immersion program before students arrive in Spain.

The school’s website has a pricing page that provides their leads with a personalized quotation for Expanish’s services. The sales and marketing team get around 600 leads a month through this page, but they were struggling to manage them effectively.

The challenges Expanish faced

Before integrating Pipedrive and Automate.io, Expanish faced the following challenges in their sales process:

  • The pipeline volume was too much for their sales team to manually follow-up on time, so a lot of leads fell through the cracks, impacting their revenue.
  • They didn’t have an email nurturing system in place to re-engage their leads.
  • They needed a better lead management process to consolidate, segment and prioritize their leads.

The solution Expanish found

Expanish now uses Automate.io to integrate Pipedrive with Gmail and LiveChat, as well as with Automate.io’s in-house tools: Filters and Timer.

These integrations help the team to get better customer segmentation, improve their email personalization and increase their lead nurturing activities.

Marketing Manager Sofía Micucci explains how they’ve used the Pipedrive and Gmail integration to contact and nurture new website leads automatically.

“We have two CTAs on our website: ‘Get a Quote’ and ‘Book Now’ for both our school locations in Barcelona and Buenos Aires. Using the Automate.io integration, we have designed a three-email nurturing sequence for leads with personalized email content.”

Expanish uses three variables to personalize these emails, defined using Automate.io’s Filter app:

  • The CTA the user selected (Get a Quote, Book Now)
  • The user’s preferred language (the email copy is set in French, Portuguese and English)
  • Information based on their school location (Barcelona or Buenos Aires)

Every time a person is created in Pipedrive through one of the CTAs, the Automate.io bot starts a nurturing sequence from Gmail, with personalization based on the above conditions. Expanish also controls the email deliverability time with Automate.io’s Timer app. Expanish can send the emails in sequence based on whether or not a reply is received in Gmail.

Expanish has automated other parts of their process

The Expanish team also uses a Pipedrive integration with LiveChat on the Expanish website to field sales queries.

The marketing team is able to consolidate lead data from LiveChat to Pipedrive, which automatically creates a deal in Pipedrive and tags them as a marketing qualified lead.

The sales team then uses this information to prioritize the opportunities and reach out to them via email or on a phone call.

Thanks to a filter condition set in Automate.io, these leads aren’t sent the lead nurturing emails via Gmail as Expanish’s sales reps are already in touch.

How Expanish is automating the process

Here are some of the workflows Expanish has set up with Pipedrive and Automate.io:

  • Add or update a person in Pipedrive on a new email in Gmail
  • Add a new person in Pipedrive on a new chat in LiveChat
  • Add new deals in Pipedrive for new chats in LiveChat
  • Send emails via Gmail on a new person in Pipedrive
  • Check email replies in Gmail, search a person in Pipedrive, and then send them an email via Gmail

If you’re looking to adopt the Automate.io integration with Pipedrive, here are a few popular Bot recipes to get you started right away:

The results Expanish has achieved

Sofía and the rest of the sales and marketing team are now able to engage the many website leads that come through, even though the process takes less time.

Personalization enables them to effectively segment their leads based on their school location, customer language and intent. They know which leads to prioritize and have a personalized nurture email flow to keep those nearer the start of the funnel engaged.

The Automate.io integrations automatically populate Pipedrive with lead data, saving them plenty of time, as Sofía tells us:

“Using Pipedrive and Automate.io together saves us four hours every day! It has helped us streamline our lead management and nurturing process, allowing our team to focus on what they do best: sell better.”

Despite getting 600 website leads a month, the three people in the sales team are able to consolidate, segment and prioritize all of them and, as a result, they have doubled their conversion rate from 15% to 30%.

Pipedrive customers can start integrating Pipedrive and Automate.io through the Pipedrive Marketplace. If you’re new to Pipedrive, you can try it free for 14 days.

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