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Manage Your Pipedrive Contacts Directly in Gmail with the New Pipedrive Gmail add-on

Gmail Pipedrive Add On

Install the New Pipedrive for Gmail add-on to manage your email conversations with Pipedrive contacts and get vital context on your leads and deals without having to switch between tabs.

If you keep in touch with your Pipedrive contacts using Gmail, the new Pipedrive Gmail add-on (which is now available from the Pipedrive Marketplace) will save you time and give you valuable insights into the people on the other end of your email conversations.

Pipedrive users who install the app from the G Suite Marketplace can access Pipedrive contact information from the right-hand sidebar in Gmail.

Get instant access to deals related to Gmail contacts

The integration will give you an instant overview of any ongoing deals and activities you have with the contact who sent you the email, or received yours, including any deals, activities or notes linked to them. Thanks to the information being easily accessible, you can reply to sales emails with the right information and keep your CRM up to date without changing tabs.

Received an email for a new lead, but not sure if the recipient of a cold email has been added to Pipedrive, or want to track an activity without having to go to a different tab? It’s easy: From the pop-up panel, you can add new contacts, create new deals and add and complete activities, which will then automatically populate the same sections in your Pipedrive account.

You can also change the contact’s information, including their name, email, phone number and linked organization.

Schedule activities and mark them as completed

The panel displays upcoming activities associated with your contacts and you can mark them as done. Have an activity on your calendar to respond to a lead’s email? You can mark it as done in a few clicks from the Gmail sidebar as soon as you’ve sent the email.

You can also set up meetings through Pipedrive’s Scheduler feature through the Gmail add-on. Just like your deals and activities, you can access Scheduler inside your email composer and insert a link showing your availability for meetings. Invitees can then book a time that syncs to your calendar seamlessly.

If you’ve synced your Pipedrive account with Google Calendar the scheduled event will appear in your and your contact’s Google Calendar. If you haven’t synced them up the contact will receive an email in their Gmail inbox that contains a calendar file, so the event will still appear in their Google Calendar.

Stay in touch on all your devices

Pipedrive CRM for Gmail works in the Gmail mobile app for Android and on desktop, so you can stay in touch while working remotely or on the go, and the app is not limited to Chrome users: It is also available on other browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Now that the app is on the G Suite Marketplace, it doesn’t rely on any other third-party integration services outside Pipedrive and Gmail, meaning that the whole experience of using Pipedrive through a Google app, and vice versa, is smoother and simpler. With the Pipedrive G Suite app, you can update any sales activities you do through Gmail effortlessly.

Find out how you can install and start using the Pipedrive Gmail add-on today in our Knowledge Base article.

Pipedrive customers can get the G Suite Pipedrive CRM app for free now by going to our Marketplace.

To support our users through rapidly changing challenges, we’re speeding up the development and release of new and updated features available across all our plans. If you are interested in using Pipedrive, you can try it free for 14 days.

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