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How Pipedrive LeadBooster is Helping Fibersals Find More Quality Leads Fast

Fibersals Case Study
  • By automating tasks, the team saves at least 10% of the time usually spent on administrative activities a week

  • The company often gets over 100 thousand monthly visits to their blog, where they find new leads

  • With LeadBooster, they have reduced the time it takes to qualify leads from their blog by 30%

Since adopting Pipedrive as their CRM, the Fibersals sales team has achieved a lot.

According to Dominic Dutra, a partner at Fibersals, using Pipedrive’s automation features has helped the sales team get in touch with customers more quickly and move them through the funnel faster.

The seven-strong team also has a healthy weekly habit of using Pipedrive to review ongoing processes, so that they can identify reps who are performing well and move them where they are needed most. The Chatbot in Pipedrive’s LeadBooster add-on, meanwhile, is fundamental in helping the team qualify leads who have the right profile to become customers.

Fibersals is a waterproofing company that has been working in the Brazilian service sector for over 30 years and there is something unusual about their sales process: their negotiations are very long—according to Dominic one of the projects has been in negotiation for 20 years.

A few years ago, as the number of contacts was steadily increasing, the team at Fibersals realized that they needed software to organize their processes. They implemented a piece of software to control every stage of their negotiations, and for a certain period of time it worked well. The team could control what stage the negotiations were in, validate addresses and accurately use geolocation, an aspect Dominic identifies as very important. However, after a short while, they became frustrated: the software became out of date too soon and they found themselves needing a new solution.

According to Dominic:

“I looked for the best in the market and saw that the world leader was Pipedrive. I took the test, liked it and that was it. We migrated our entire base, inserted some 10,000 contacts in Pipedrive and we are still classifying and grouping data.”

He continues: “Today, I can continue negotiations with clients who have been with me for two, three years, so it is essential that I have a CRM which will help me control everything.”

The sales team at Fibersals rarely closes a deal in the month they start talking to the potential customer. This is because, in the field in which they operate (waterproofing buildings), negotiations can take a long time due to bureaucratic challenges—one condominium can go through several management, primary use and owner changes. Due to their expertise and the quality of their solution, the service offered by Fibersals comes at a premium.

“I prospect a lot to close only a few customers. Another very important thing in Pipedrive for me is being able to click on an address, open the streetview, see the residence, make filters… Geolocation is essential because we go to the client's home, take measurements, take pictures.”

The first attempt at a solution

Before adopting Pipedrive a few years ago, Fibersals were using a different solution, albeit one more rudimentary. Dominic says that they hired a company to program software that would order their existing processes, so it would be more familiar to stakeholders around the company.

“The shock was not so big because mechanisms already existed to control what needed to be done, and what was or was not a priority. But the previous software was very basic, and the processes we have now require many more features.”

Dominic says that being able to create notes and custom fields, which are filled out by salespeople after they have contact with a customer, is fundamental.

“Salespeople fill in the data and then use these indicators to make filters that determine what will be prioritized and what will not. On a daily basis, we use the filters to prioritize who will be served first, serve them, and then also wait for other customers to get in touch with us.”

Some custom field filters (those used for large customers) require a little more effort, but adopting a CRM and acquiring the habit of using it every day has made all the difference.

The LeadBooster experience so far

Fibersals recently started using sales lead management software and Dominic shared some impressive numbers.

The company’s blog has roughly 100,000 unique visits per month. Dominic says that this is because the terms used in articles are quite broad and not necessarily related to their segment.

“We have articles with very broad terms, and not always necessarily linked to what we offer. Anyway, we are growing in terms of positioning on Google. These articles end up generating one million visits a year, and this is what we thought: the blog was not converting so much, so we added a pop-up using the LeadBooster Chatbot, in which we ask, ‘Do you have infiltration problems? Yes or no?’ as soon as someone lands on the page.

“It may be that the person does not have this problem and is looking for something else on our website, but it may be that they do and by answering ‘yes’, they are entered into our flow. ”

For this reason, Dominic says he didn't hesitate when paying for the add-on and the company is already thinking about creating playbooks to increase conversion from the blog.

At the beginning, the Fibersals qualification flow was simpler and they realized that they received many contacts that were not worth it, but by making the necessary adjustments and asking more targeted questions, the company noticed the improvement in the quality and relevance of leads.

“My most visited page has 70 thousand clicks. It’s an article about wall waterproofing, something we don’t do. If in Chatbot the visitor answers “wall”, he is already disqualified. We prioritize leads by their responses.”

Automation and time savings

Dominic highlights the sales automation system feature as indispensable, saying that he saves between 5% and 10% of his team’s time with it, but that this number could still be increased.

“Automating tasks is wonderful, because it allows me to send a presentation email automatically. In that email I can ask some questions, make some assumptions... And the integration with Google Apps is fantastic, because I can integrate everything easily. I can see representatives’ emails, I can automate them, I can do follow-ups en masse and many other things.”

Weekly attention to the process

Despite having a process that works very well, Dominic says that Pipedrive helps a lot when it comes to seeing where changes need to be made—in fact, Fibersals makes weekly changes to the funnel.

The team needs to focus on businesses with great potential to achieve its billing goals. As sales cycles can be long, it would be difficult to remember what was discussed with a customer almost half a year ago, so all the information needs to be in the right place and the funnels need to be perfectly clear and not create any confusion for managers and representatives.

Contact management with integrations

Thanks to an API, whenever a potential customer fills out a form their information is added directly into Pipedrive. By investing in Google Ads, Fibersals has also been able to import conversions from there.

Find out how LeadBooster and our lead management software can help your business acquire more high-quality leads.

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