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How The Pipedrive Sales Team Has Used Chatbot to Qualify More Leads and Convert More Customers

  • Chatbot has helped the sales team produce quality leads and convert 30% of trialists to new customers
  • They have already added over 1,000 new leads to their Leads Inbox
  • One team member using Chatbot has had record months in terms of calls and demos with trialists, while another has achieved a record MRR

We know that our Chatbot, which is part of the LeadBooster add-on, can help businesses improve their lead generation process. That’s why our sales team uses Chatbot to engage web visitors—and they’ve already seen results, with more engaged, qualified leads starting a trial and more trialists converting to customers.

When we launched LeadBooster earlier this year, it existed as simply the Chatbot feature that is now part of our whole lead generation offering.

Two members of the sales team adopted the tool into their process and have really benefited from using Chatbot to engage web visitors, qualify them and convert them into new paying customers.

What challenges were the sales team facing before using Chatbot

As Chatbot is one of Pipedrive’s products, it syncs up perfectly with your deal pipeline. The tool the team was using before Chatbot wasn’t as well integrated.

“The most difficult part for me was having to work out of Intercom and our Pipedrive account,” explains Customer Experience Associate Patricia Bowlin. “I had to answer chats from Intercom but then go back to Pipedrive to check if they were an existing user and route them to their sales consultant, or if they were a new customer, create a new deal and send them my information.”

The team was also missing opportunities and wasting time on irrelevant support requests that they would then have to forward to the right team.

“We had two other challenges,” adds Account Execute Fabiana Barbosa. “We needed to stop the support tickets received by mistake and qualify the leads that started a conversation via chat on our home page in the hours we weren’t available, who then never came back to that convo or created a trial account.”

Why they found a solution in Chatbot

The questions and answers in Chatbot are fully customizable, enabling it to qualify leads and even schedule meetings with reps without the rep needing to be online. This meant that Patricia and Fabiana aren’t missing opportunities anymore and know how to get in touch with leads, as the Chatbot is asking for each lead’s details.

“Implementing Chatbot has helped us to focus on calls and demos to customers during their free trial period and also avoid losing that opportunity,” reveals Fabiana.

It also saves them time, as Chatbot instantly adds a lead’s details into Pipedrive’s Leads Inbox, so that the team doesn’t have to do it manually.

“I can mainly work out of the same place, the questions are already filled out so I have their information and I can easily check if they are an existing or new user,” says Patricia.

The Chatbot also prevents people from using the tool for Support queries, as it can direct them to the right place, meaning they get an answer quicker and the sales team don’t get bogged down.

“I don’t need to be worried thinking about the possibility of a customer looking for Support assistance trying to contact me and waiting hours or days for an answer,” Fabiana explains.

Chatbot’s key features that the team is benefiting from

Chatbot is customizable, easy to use and syncs up with Pipedrive. Here is how the team is benefiting from these features in their own words:

  • Syncing up is no time sink: “Working out of Pipedrive instead of going back and forth to and from Intercom has saved so much time.”
  • Customized to ask the right questions: “I really like that there is a preset of questions and they are already filled out once a new contact/lead is made.”
  • Qualifies and then fills out the contact data: “I can easily click on the lead and see all of the information I need, instead of having to ask and find that information out myself.”
  • You can use that data to engage the lead: “Thanks to the data collection, I can properly contact the lead and work on engagement to make them become a Pipedrive customer.”
  • Customer data is all together: “Another good thing is that we now have all our customer data in one tool.”

How Fabiana and Patricia are using the Chatbot (and how you can too)

If you’re new to Chatbot, here is how our sales team is using the tool, with tips on how you can too:

“We’ve created two playbooks: one for Brazil and Portugal; and another one in English for the US and a few countries in Europe,” reveals Fabiana. “They have qualifying questions to understand if it is a lead or an existing customer who needs to talk with Support or CS teams.

“If they are new to Pipedrive and don’t have an account created, they will follow the steps, book a call either with me or Patricia and we will receive the booking confirmation. Then I do a search in Pipedrive to find that lead in the Leads Inbox and also the contact information that’s been created.”

Fabiana and Patricia’s top tips:

  1. Use Chatbot to direct customers with support queries to the right teams
  2. Set up questions in Chatbot to qualify the lead so you have the details you need to start engaging them
  3. Link Chatbot up with Leads Inbox so that all your leads go into one place, where you can view the information and manage engagement
  4. Set up Scheduler in your Chatbot flow, so more attractive leads can find a time in one of your sales rep’s calendars for a call

The sales team has already benefited hugely from using Chatbot. They have got over 1,000 qualified leads in their Leads Inbox and 30% of the ones Patricia and Fabiana engage with are converting to customers following the trial.

To find out how you can benefit from Chatbot or one of LeadBooster’s other great features, try Pipedrive free for 14 days. You can also read more about chatbots in our quick guide.

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