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Introducing Pipedrive Academy: Free Video Tutorials on Sales and CRM

Pipedrive Academy is a new platform we’ve created to help you master sales and CRM. Full of video tutorial series covering everything from tracking performance to using automations in Pipedrive, Pipedrive Academy is completely free to use.

The Academy features CRM training videos and tutorials to help you level up your customer relationship management and sales skills, from quick functionality courses to in-depth tutorials on specific features.

If you are trialing Pipedrive, or have just been added as a new user to an account, the resources on the Academy platform are geared towards your needs. It’s also great if you’re an admin who’s responsible for adding and training new users, as this is the place to send them to learn everything about Pipedrive’s functionality.

For those who’ve been using Pipedrive for years but haven’t changed their process in a while, there are new features and functionality for you to discover that could help you automate your process and save valuable time.

Currently, there are plenty of courses for you to get your teeth into, but we’ll continue to add tutorials periodically.

Visit Pipedrive Academy at https://www.pipedrive.com/en/academy.

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Learn to master your sales conversations with this 25-page e-book. Expect expert advice to help you level up your soft skills and boost your conversion rates.

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