How JuiceBar Cut its Sales Cycle by 40 Days with Pipedrive Advanced

JuiceBar case study

At a time when demand for their products is skyrocketing, JuiceBar relies on the Pipedrive Advanced plan to manage inbound sales opportunities, identify the hottest leads and automate its workflow.

  • JuiceBar has grown from seven to 17 active Pipedrive users in 18 months
  • Workflow automations have saved them from hundreds of hours of data re-entry
  • The company’s sales cycle has been cut in half

JuiceBar is a full service provider for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, manufacturing charging stations for businesses and property owners, and advising customers on the right EV charging solution for them.

“We offer property owners, fleet operators and municipalities the fastest, safest and most flexible options for adding EV charging to commercial and residential properties,” Director of Growth Jackson Haskell tells us. “We’re focused on building the critical charging infrastructure needed to enable mass EV adoption.”

The company now has 17 active seats on Pipedrive, having moved from Salesforce in May 2019 soon after Jackson joined. Originally on the Essential tier, the company upgraded to Advanced so that they could better manage the demand they were getting for their products and services.

The challenges JuiceBar faced before moving to Pipedrive

JuiceBar was using Salesforce when Jackson joined the company. He quickly realized, having used Pipedrive before, that it made more sense for the company to migrate their CRM to Pipedrive.

The company was facing a number of challenges:

  • Poor user data hygiene
  • Complicated data manipulation and reporting
  • A lack of integrations and constant manual reconciliation

“This all resulted in bad insights into our business, so a CRM set up for growth/success was non-negotiable.”

Jackson also shares a few key reasons he enjoyed using Pipedrive at previous companies:

  • Past success with Pipedrive
  • Fair pricing
  • Ease of use
  • Responsive support
  • Simple migration process

The company benefited from the simple migration process immediately.

“Pipedrive made this very straightforward with easy import tools and the ability to ‘undo’ data imports, large and small. It took about a week to deprecate Salesforce and another week or so to get pre-sales and sales activities logged correctly,” Jackson tells us.

Enhance your sales process with Pipedrive

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Enhance your sales process with Pipedrive

How JuiceBar benefited from moving to Pipedrive Advanced

Once the migration was complete, JuiceBar moved to Pipedrive Advanced and began to see other benefits as well.

For one, the sales team was better able to maintain accurate and up-to-date data on their CRM.

“Pipedrive has built a SaaS tool with very intuitive data entry. I am consistently impressed with Pipedrive’s ability to walk the line between a rich data reporting backend and simple user data entry. Pipedrive does a good job of threading the needle between those two things, asking for fairly few data fields from the actual users and spitting out very detailed back-end data you can verify and work with.”

JuiceBar is using Pipedrive’s custom fields and important fields (available to users in the Advanced tier and above) to enrich their data even further, constantly working to find the best data points for their needs.

This has helped them to refine exactly which leads they should be targeting and how to target them.

“It’s always a work in progress and you’re always sort of experimenting,” explains Jackson. “For instance, we started focusing on titles, so that can affect our marketing and we can really do a better job with our demographics on the front-end of the business by knowing who is buying, who is buying faster, who has what objections based on title.”

Another feature available to the Advanced tier and above is the ability to add automations to the company’s workflows in Pipedrive.

“The Workflow Automation features prevent double-work and ensure data accuracy across the sales and fulfillment process. It has saved us hundreds of hours of data entry.”

Want to automatically create a deal when a new contact is added? Need to transfer ownership to another rep when a deal reaches a new stage? Want activities to be created each time a deal is moved along your pipeline? You can do all this and more with Workflow Automation, your key to better multitasking and increased productivity.

Measuring the benefits of Pipedrive Advanced

Pipedrive Advanced is helping JuiceBar to manage the exceptional demand for its products and services.

“We’re one of the few American-based companies that build EV-charging stations for commercial properties, big HOAs, residential, and we are at the crest of an insane wave around EV (Electric Vehicle) adoption,” Jackson explains.

“Our business has become incredibly prescient, and if you look at what’s happening with EV charging, everyone is dealing with a massive influx of the sales conversations around it, and so were we to try to do this with old tools, we would be in a lot of trouble right now,” he continues. “Being able to scale, able to break that 1:1 ratio, being able to handle multiple sales conversations per day, per rep, is a non-negotiable given what’s happened to our industry.”

“Pipedrive has allowed us to massively scale our outbound activity with a minimal increase in admin work to support it. Our Sales Cycle has been cut in half in 18 months, from approximately 70 days to 30 days.”

If you’re new to Pipedrive, you can try our Advanced tier free for 14-days.

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