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How Nirmal Web Studio boosted their sales 50% in a year

  • Nirmal Web Studio boosted turnover by 50% in one year with Pipedrive and Prospect.io
  • Nirmal Web Studio went from 20 to 250 outreach emails a day in the same time period
  • Pipedrive and Prospect.io help Nirmal and his team nurture leads in a structured way

Nirmal Web Studio is a boutique web design agency based in Sydney, Australia. The company’s 25 employees are split across two international offices. Sales and marketing professionals stay close to their key target market in Sydney, while web development teams are based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

In addition to helping businesses achieve their online goals, Nirmal Web Studio creates custom web solutions that generate more online sales. They also act as a white-label service provider for other marketing and brand agencies. Managing Director Nirmal Gyanwali is responsible for directing their sales team, as well as meeting prospects in person.

Just over a year ago, Nirmal introduced Pipedrive and Prospect.io to his sales team as a way to amp up their lead generation process. Since then they have expanded domestically and internationally, with clients in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, as well as Singapore, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Switzerland.

Nirmal Web Studio project $1,000,000 (Australian) in turnover in 2019.

Before turning to the two tools, Nirmal struggled to keep things organized in an industry where the sales cycle is two to three months. Now, Pipedrive and Prospect.io help Nirmal and his team nurture leads in a structured way.

The problem Nirmal Web Studio Consulting faced

Before Pipedrive and Prospect.io, Nirmal and his team were drowning in admin tasks, spending their days scouring the web for prospects, setting up meetings, and doing a lot of technical research.

They manually searched for contacts on LinkedIn and the web, and because the information wasn’t shared, the team often contacted the same person twice. Not to mention the fact that they didn’t have any lead qualification methods in place, resulting in thousands of leads to approach, many of them unsuitable, and a lot of mistakes.

In a competitive industry like web design, every minute counts, and even the smallest mistake can lose you a client.

The lack of coordination resulted in missed opportunities, and a lost client in Nirmal’s industry isn’t just a one-off loss. Customer lifetime value is crucial, especially with agencies, who they typically work with for at least two years.

Nirmal realized he needed a CRM tool to keep things organized.

Before finding Pipedrive, Nirmal tried to use Bitrix24 to bring order to their chaotic sales process. The result was a challenging and messy transition and, according to Nirmal, it took more time to manage the platform than it saved in the long term.

The solution they found

However, after discovering Pipedrive and Prospect.io, he hasn’t looked back.

After moving on from Bitrix, Nirmal came across Pipedrive and was quickly drawn in by its simplicity. Using multiple pipelines, he and his team were able to identify the key activities in their sales process, something that wasn’t defined before.

In addition to having a clear overview of the deals in play, as well as who in their team was contacting who, Nirmal made use of Pipedrive features like the Scheduler to organize meetings. In Australian business culture, meeting face-to-face is essential, and Nirmal was able to book more meetings very quickly

Pipedrive transformed Nirmal’s sales process by keeping all the information he needed in the app. As he could store audio notes on sales meetings and access detailed Caller ID for leads, Nirmal suddenly had a lot more time to focus on closing deals.

“It’s one of the best tools I have ever used for CRM. Simple and easy for anyone, regardless of the industry, it is the best tool to manage your clients.”

“You have all your contacts there and you can easily integrate it with your phone and inbox to have access from anywhere.”

Organizing their workflow was just a part of Nirmal Web Studio’s struggles. Nirmal realized that their lead generation activities consisted of repetitive tasks that, he figured, must be automatable.

Incidentally, Nirmal found out about Prospect.io and its Pipedrive integration after subscribing to the Pipedrive Blog. At the time he was struggling to find leads, but in that week’s newsletter he read about a tool that could manage qualification data for sales and marketing. The fact that it could be integrated directly with Pipedrive was the cherry on top.

“I had two people Googling and then they sometimes found the same people, with Prospect we can just have leads generated then automatically put in Pipedrive.”

Nirmal was able to build highly specific lists and segments according to his criteria and feed them with prospects, which transformed the way he and his team approached leads. Instead of dropping leads into Pipedrive, he would go through a checklist based on qualification data, then pre-qualify leads after interacting with them.

The result of this powerful combo is more time spent in useful meetings and on solving problems, and less time spent doing repetitive tasks.

“It gives us an advantage in many ways. The web design industry is a very competitive place because of globalization and offshore companies, some of which are very good. We are trying to stand out as a boutique agency and offer local solutions, which is how Pipedrive and Prospect have helped so much. Without them, I can't imagine how we would find leads in our local area and get in touch with them so easily.’

Focus on finding the right leads

Over the years, Nirmal learned that the key to scaling is finding the right people. Defining a target audience helps you stay focused on the prospects you want to have, while tools like Prospect.io and Pipedrive take a lot of the work off your hands.

“You can use many channels to acquire leads, and you want to make sure the channels you use are diversified. To find the right people takes effort, so when you automate the repetitive stuff it saves you a lot of time.”

Saving time is on every sales manager’s agenda, and Pipedrive’s Marketplace comes with many integrations designed that do just that. In addition to Prospect.io, for example, Nirmal uses integrations with Xero Accounting software to send invoices.

Nirmal also saves time with Pipedrive’s Automations feature. He no longer defines deal stages manually, and automated emails are sent out whenever a lead is moved to a new stage. Pipedrive’s Smart Contact Data feature even automates the search for leads on LinkedIn, giving Nirmal the time he needs to meet clients and sign new contracts.

“Pipedrive is the best tool I’ve ever found”

From email tracking to Automations and game-changing integrations, Pipedrive has plenty of features that help Nirmal Web Studio go beyond their sales targets. With all the information he needs in one place, Nirmal is able to manage a growing team of salespeople as they take on new markets in one of the most competitive service industries in the world.

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