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Pipedrive AI: The AI CRM for smarter, faster sales

Pipedrive AI
Five AI features to power up your processes

Accelerate your company’s sales growth with Pipedrive’s purpose-built AI CRM features.

Five AI features to power up your processes

Three features are available to users on Professional plan and above.

Pipedrive AI sales assistant

AI-powered Sales Assistant

  • Get tips on deals with a high probability of success and recommended next best actions

  • Make smarter and more timely decisions that result in higher performance

AI email generator

  • Create compelling sales emails from simple prompts

  • Generate quality emails, follow-ups and proposals that engage

  • Get over writer’s block and personalize your emails at scale

AI email summaries

  • Condense long email threads into brief summaries that gauge your lead’s interest and suggest next steps

  • Save time, improve clarity and focus on your most important tasks

Two features are available to all users.

Smart integration recommendations

Get tailored AI app recommendations for the unique needs of your business to:

  • Optimize your use of our CRM and enhance efficiency

  • Streamline workflows and ensure you’re using the best tools for peak performance

AI-powered marketplace search

Powered by OpenAI, our intelligent search tool enables you and your salespeople to:

  • Use natural language processing to find relevant third-party tools in our marketplace

  • Integrate these apps with Pipedrive to streamline your team’s sales processes, save time and boost revenue

To learn more about the new features, check out our AI CRM feature page. If you’re new to our CRM, you can try Pipedrive free for 14 days.

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