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Announcing a Cleaner, Simpler, Faster Pipedrive

Pipedrive Navigation Announcement

Pipedrive is constantly evolving to give you the best tools to boost your sales results. To keep everything easy to find, we’re giving you a better navigation experience.

Considering that non-client-facing work, like updating a CRM system and other admin tasks, eats up 40% of salespeople’s time, it’s essential that your CRM is quick and easy to use so you can spend more time focusing on customers.

Pipedrive was created as the antidote to clunky, time-draining CRMs that are a chore to use. A CRM should help you speed up your work, not drag you down. Besides simplicity, we also care a lot about giving you the tools you need to sell with confidence.

Building a tool for and with salespeople

For 10 years, we’ve asked people in sales and other fields about how they work, what they need, and how Pipedrive serves them. Their answers have helped us build a whole box of tools that grows with your company as your needs evolve.

The trick to building a robust toolbox is keeping it organized so you can find what you’re looking for in a snap. To make Pipedrive your tidy yet power-packed sales toolbox, we’re rolling out improvements to the navigation experience in the Pipedrive web app so you can easily access the feature you need when you need it.

Pipedrive navigation GIF 3

With the new navigation, you can:

  • See tools and features laid out in the way you use them
  • Discover more features, now fewer clicks away
  • Search quickly with a search bar at the top and center of the screen
  • Quickly add new items like deals and contacts from anywhere
  • Access your account and user settings in their own dedicated spot

Read on for some sneak peeks into the most helpful improvements to Pipedrive.

Pipedrive navigation GIF 1

A menu that reflects how you work

The main menu has moved to the left side of your screen. This frees up room along the top for the new search bar, quick add button, Sales Assistant and your account settings. When you click on certain items in the main menu, as shown in the animation above, a detailed secondary menu expands to show you more. The menu, like a sales funnel, has your Leads Inbox at the top. Beneath are frequently used features like email, contacts, calendar and Insights. All other features you might use less often are nestled below under “More”.

Pipedrive navigation image

Search and add things faster

Having a visible and convenient search bar is crucial for quickly finding the deal you need to update or a person you need to follow up with. That’s why we’ve put search front and center (or rather top and center, as you can see in the image above). Right next to it is the quick add button, which lets you create a new deal, activity, or contact without leaving what you’re in the middle of.

Pipedrive navigation GIF 2

Take advantage of more features

With the most used features visible in the left-hand menu and the rest grouped together under “More”, as shown above, discovering what you can do with your Pipedrive account is simple. With all your features in one place, it’s easy to discover and make use of what’s already included in your plan.

When to expect the new navigation

The new experience will be rolled out gradually to all of our users in the coming months and you will have the option to try it before it becomes permanent. By the end of 2020, it will be standard for all users. None of the features or the pipeline layout you love are changing due to these navigation improvements. See our Knowledge Base article for full details.

To try Pipedrive and get ready to experience our new navigation for yourself, check out our plans and 14-day free trial.

This article was published on June 11, 2020. Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

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