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How PropriLib Grew Its Revenue and Sales Team with Pipedrive and Slack

  • PropriLib grew sales significantly in its first year using Pipedrive
  • Pipedrive automates PropriLib’s sales tasks, saving agents time
  • Pipedrive and Slack help streamline PropriLib’s sales process

PropriLib, a real estate agency based in Paris, France, was founded in June of 2018 by Stanislas Allauzen in a bid to change French real estate.

In France, real estate fees are 5% of the cost of a transaction for the seller of a property. PropriLib offers sellers an alternative—a full-service real estate agency with a fixed fee of 4,500 Euros, no matter the price of the property.

The company has five employees; three are in sales full time, although all the company’s employees are real estate agents and can handle every state in what can sometimes be a long and complex sales cycle. Stanislas is responsible for managing and training the team, although he also acts as a real estate agent, selling clients’ homes.

Because real estate transactions tend to require a lot of documentation and photographs, Stanislas needed a solution that would help him keep the files for every deal organized and easily accessible. He also wanted a solution that would allow him to automate his pipeline, so that his team could save time on administrative tasks, spend more time selling, and lower their own costs—which allows them to offer low fees to their clients.

Now, thanks to real estate CRM Pipedrive and Slack, PropriLib has a clearer, cleaner, and more transparent sales process.

The problem PropriLib faced

Before Pipedrive and Slack, Stanislas and his team struggled to manage the unique administrative burdens of the real estate agency.

PropriLib has two sales cycles: the first sales cycle, helmed by PropriLib’s sales reps, targets homeowners who want to sell their properties and ends in a contract with PropriLib. The second sales cycle is handled by the real estate agents on the team, who sell the home to buyers.

It’s a long sales process, incorporating everything from talking to prospective sellers, onboarding new clients, estimation, having a property photographed, listing, showing and selling. Every step includes documents, like contracts and photos.

Stanislas wanted a CRM tool that would keep the pipeline simple and easy to manage. He also needed a tool his team would be able to learn easily and quickly.

Before finding Pipedrive, Stanislas tried to use a project management solution to help his team get a handle on their deals. It didn’t work for PropriLib’s needs. He also tried to use Salesforce and found it was too complicated and time-consuming. He needed his sales team to be selling homes, not spending precious time learning Salesforce.

The solution they found

Pipedrive and Slack turned out to be the dream solution for PropriLib.

When Stanislas found Pipedrive, he was impressed by how intuitive it was.

“We need a CRM that our employees will understand well and very fast, and Pipedrive is very good for that,” he says.

It also integrated well with Slack, which PropriLib uses for project management.

Slack has been a part of PropriLib’s technology stack since the beginning. Stanislas and his team use Slack as a management tool for all of the company’s projects. Everything from real estate deals to writing blog posts for the company’s site is discussed and managed on Slack.

The sales team had already been using Slack to ping agents with questions. For example, if a client was interested in a service PropiLib doesn’t normally offer, sales reps will enter the question into Slack so that the agents would be able to see the request, brainstorm and figure how best to help the client.

This was a good solution; it allowed PropriLib’s reps and real estate agents problem-solve quickly and collaboratively. And, for conversational purposes, this is still how it works. PropriLib’s sales reps will often hop on Slack after talking to a client who needs, for example, an appraisal, to let the real estate agents know a new deal needs their attention.

By connecting Slack to Pipedrive, PropriLib was able to make that solution more powerful, by automatically posting deals to Slack where all the agents can see them.

Now that Pipedrive and Slack are integrated, a sales rep can follow up on an announcement of a new client by adding the Pipedrive deal right into Slack. Then real estate agents can see the new customer, all their information and any questions or important notes associated with the deal.

Automation of sales tasks has been a big help to Stanislas and his team, helping them save time and making their sales process quicker and more efficient.

Once a contract is assigned to an agent, for example, Pipedrive automatically sends a welcome email to the property owner welcoming them to PropriLib and explaining the next steps in selling their home.

“Even without Slack, Pipedrive is a good way to automate tasks,” he said. “Little by little we gain time on the sales cycle.”

In the time PropriLib has been using Pipedrive, Alluazen has seen revenue grow and he’s also grown the sales team.

Keeping every deal organized

Real estate sales are, by nature, complicated and require a lot of documentation, both legal and financial. A disorganized deal would be a liability for a real estate agency.

Pipedrive, says Stanislas, has helped PropriLib to collect and organize that information.

“For example, when the clients sign a contract with us we need to ask for a lot of documents; legal documents in order to be sure that the client is the owner of the apartment or house,” says Stanislas.

When clients email that information to PropriLib, those documents are added to their deal in Pipedrive, which both saves time and provides peace of mind for the real estate agents.

“We have exactly the files we need, so we don’t have to open each email in order to find them,” says Stanislas.

A clearer sales process and a competitive edge

From workflow automations to a clearer sales process, Pipedrive has helped PropriLib start to update the world of French real estate.

How has Pipedrive offered Stanislas a competitive advantage? According to Stanislas, his competitors are using more traditional approaches to sales, like email and phone calls.

“They can lose a lot of time on the phone,” he said.

Used to higher commissions and longer sales cycles, they’re also not working to improve customer experience, as he is. Stanislas is hoping to speed up his sales cycle further by using Pipedrive’s LeadBooster tool, which feeds qualified sales leads directly to sales reps.

“That could be very attractive for us,” he said.

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