Speed up your LinkedIn prospecting in Pipedrive with a free two-month Surfe trial

Pipedrive Surfe Trial
What is Surfe?
Who can get a free trial and how do I apply?

Capturing LinkedIn contact data in your CRM should be easy. That’s why we’re offering all our customers a two-month free trial of Surfe – a Pipedrive integration that enables you to bring your contact’s LinkedIn data into the CRM with a click.

What is Surfe?

Surfe is a powerful LinkedIn prospecting tool that seamlessly integrates with Pipedrive. The app enables users to add contact information from LinkedIn to their CRM with one click and keep that data fresh.

You can integrate in just a couple of steps, after visiting this sign-up page.

Surfe has a number of powerful features that can help you qualify, manage and convert leads:

  • Effortlessly enrich sales data – find your prospects’ business emails and phone numbers in seconds.

  • Get the latest contact information – keep your contact data fresh by updating it based on their LinkedIn profile through Surfe

  • Auto-sync LinkedIn chats – log all your prospecting conversations in Pipedrive.

  • Enhance outreach to drive conversions – create personalized message templates and analyze which performs best.

Who can get a free trial and how do I apply?

We’ve teamed up with Surfe to offer a free two-month trial of the app to all our users who haven’t used Surfe before, so they can integrate it with Pipedrive.

If you’re interested in trying Surfe for free, visit this sign-up page and start your trial today.

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